Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cinta…GT3 R


Brain and Heart sync saying :

PENAT!!!!!! Yet it’s so worthy….;D..sounds so mengada kan…ehehe~ bare with me please.;P takmo marah2….marah jual kang…weee~

Just feel like sleeping whole day long but hardly to do that. Must be because of the exhausted feels ( 3 days in the row i came back from work at almost 12….kalau jd Cinderella…kete kuda ku dah jd pumpkin tau) yg buat badan terasa sakit2 skrg. Nevermind let it be…

Ok2..merepek dah..nih update sbnr..tgk nih…

75788_494073068254_558658254_6916633_4804424_n What’s up with the car??

Based on Porsche's recently revealed 911 GT3 RSR, the R Hybrid eschews conventional hybrid technology for an advanced new electro-mechanical flywheel system. Porsche sources said that the company is considering the system as a means of boosting the performance of its future race cars, and that the technology could end up on selected road cars, including a planned hybrid version of the 911. The new hybrid technology forms part of a broader program that goes under the name Porsche Intelligent Performance.
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Yes, yesterday, I was helping one of the ‘baby’ belong to Motor Division event. It was a Press Conference for the new racing car ever first in Porsche range.

It’s 911 GT3 R Hybrid..gojes okeyh…;D

Date : 20 November 2010
Time : 7.00 pm till midnite..
Gadget : Nikon D300 + Flash SB800
Snap by : Me ( main2 as we do have our own media Photog yg sgt cool...ahahha~)

When work + leisure..this are the results..;D
All the journalist are awesome...!
And GT3 R Hybrid...i fall in love with u..;P

Just enjoy the pictures k…(malas nk pk nk tulis apa…otak tepu…dang!) full album click here..PIP Porsche

_ETA8241_ETA8245 _ETA8254 _ETA8297 Our cool Boss been interviewed by Media7

_ETA8303 We are the ladies for the nights..

Quoted from our C.E.O of Porsche (Mr Arnt) to our team :)

"Thanx for all the help tonight! We could have not done it without you,"

Should i say more…? It is more than enough..;DD

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