Saturday, November 6, 2010

Revisit Terengganu


Brain + Heart do the talking :

People must been thinking when is the ‘heaven’ this Enny do her travelling?ahahah~ I kan suka buat suprise you..;P (tau2 je takde kt ofis kan…heee)

This trip has taken place due to our FireFly tickets yang byk as masa awal tahun rajin follow up the campaign by Utusan. Plus secretly it was a part of my own heart project that been so called as “Erasure Reminiscence”…that’s why you will see I'll revisit all the place that I've been before. Just for fun and  to open a new book.

Thanks to Nazri(my lil bro’s friend) yang jd tour guide of us, habes semua ceruk KT we explored. Want to mention every single place’s name, sumpah tak ingat..ahahha~

Just enjoy the pixies k peeps!

Date : 22-24 October 2010

Location: Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman_ETA7886_ETA7901

Bonda & Ayahanda kesygan…


_ETA8290   Two of famous mosques in KT , Masjid Kristal & Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah (known as Majid Terapung)


Me & my 2nd last lil bro, Ayai

What I realized when I was in Terengganu, I DO EAT A LOT…(even hardly to find good foods..) and yes there were some few peoples who keep in touch with me when I was there…dipersembahkan..Cik GF, En.Senyum, En.Pilot, En.Comel, En.Matahari and my Abg Ijad..(my inbox full with your smses);P


Sea + Rain + Alone

It really made one perfect combination for you to get, to feel, to realize what is in your heart..

From which to what, from where to who, everything been jumble up like remaking a puzzle of life.

My little heart is recovering to full mode again and I do feel ‘something’ been knocking to it so gently with a graceful melody . It does make me smile without been asked for….

(This is just a scribble that I’ve done during lepaking by the sea behind my hotel by myself…- scribble tak abes…eheheh)

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