Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear 2013, Thank You!

Brain reminiscing: 

2013 , and it’s all just a memory now .
Terima kasih untuk setiap kesakitan dan kekuatan.
Terima kasih untuk setiap kebangkitan selepas beribu kerebahan :’)
Terima kasih atas segala kasih dan sayang.

A very untold story , terlalu banyak cerita , terlalu banyak kenangan .

Di sini saat kembali berdikari mencari isi hati,
Bersahabat di sisi kanan dan kiri,
Yang sentiasa di hati saat menyendiri,
DIA menemukan si cinta hati...
Teman2 yang sangat dikasihi..

2014 .
And because expectation is the root to all heartache ,
Pasti itu sekadar untuk mematangkan
A hope to be a better human :’)

Just for once ,
2014 please be better *senyum*
And may Allah bless .

Tuhan,jagakan sahabat sahabatku,jagakan mereka yang aku cintai:’)

semoga tahun baru ini lebih engkau berkati:’)


#thesunnahthebetter #tof2013

I'll update in a while okey ;)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Energy Depleted...and HIS..

Pasti Itu Satu Kehilangan?

Heart clustered:

Ceritaku ibarat Refrain. 
Di kala bersahabat, hati terusik.
Di kala menyampaikan, ia terluka. 
Saatnya tiba, harus dilepaskan. 

Mungkin aku hanya takut,
Takut kehilangan.
Tapikan itu pasti..
Mana lagi yang nak ku nafikan?

Hati butuh jawapan,
Deklarasi yang tiada penghujung
Itukan hanya mainan jiwa
Pasti akal merajai.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Allah's Will

Sometimes, Allah breaks your spirit to save your soul.
Sometimes, Allah breaks our heart to make us whole.
Sometimes, Allah allows pain so we can be stronger.
Sometimes, Allah sends us failure so we can be humble.

Sometimes, Allah allows illness so 
we can take better care of ourselves.

Sometimes, Allah takes everything
away from us so we can learn the 
value of everything He gave us.

Make plans but understand that 
we live by Allah's grace 

Monday, December 16, 2013

GSC IT Makan & Mingle 2013

Exhausted :

GSC IT Makan & Mingle 2013
Date : 16th December 2013
Venue : Level 8, New Hall, Wisma Sime Darby
Theme : Cartoon Tunes

To make this happen, meeting were all up and down. Crashing the heads to think for the theme. Tak ingat how come we can come up with this theme. Gara2 we chose this, ada one of the Bureau emo why we couldn't choose the Arabic Night theme. Hahaha~ Next time ye...ni ikut suara majoriti..(padahal the Bureau bape kerat je la pun) ;P

Responsible for the deco, that is the major reason why I lacked of sleep for the past week. Googling every single past time to find the ideas and DIY stuff (kena ikut bajet..urghh -_-)...sudahnya kena jd terlebih kretip. Mencabar neurons2 ku dah ni. (padahal sungguh2 je squeezing kudrat singgahsana otak ni - berkarat dah..sampai kena seru la...seru khidmat nasihat abah! hahaha~)

So makanya, hari ni jadi hari I xbekerja walaupun berada di opis tercinta.... The Bureau on the go!

It was not less than FUN! Terasa kembali ke zaman kanak2...with all the Disney songs...and paling best, mmg terbocor la rahsia yg masing2 sume mmg stok tgk kartun jugak kat rumah kan....sume gara2 we made a game to guess the cartoon names based on 'Picaso' punye drawing hasil 'kanak2' IT ni...:P Memang sungguh kebadutan bila kadang2 lukisan tu xrupa apa pun but they can guess! Wild guess. Ish2...

Funny part tiba2 nama naik as one of the nominees for Ms. Congeniality award together with my another two GF. Huih sapekah yg gatal pi voted dlm survey tu? Nak kena sekeh ni! Most of them expecting my name to be announce. Haish berangan la korg...I committee kot. ahahah~ VOID! ;P

Okey dah...I nak pegi kidnap pic kat photographer tak berbayar kitaorg. and....tgh pikir ada lagi event ke next? Pengsan!

Art Sickness VS Cookies Guy!

Brain narrated :

It's been 3 days in the row lacked of sleep, just because of some props that I need to get it done for an event coming up...owh kejap lg...in 10 hours time. -_-

Its been a while I didn't come up with some artsy stuff for an event or something. Jammed kejap but of course it is in my blood, my passion ...I just need to find that mojo again. Owh where are you hiding dear? Takmo la main hide n sick time2 critical mcm ni...I feel like pengsani..huhu~ drama je...hee~
And yes the momentum started to blend with me all over again! Thank GOD - even tgn i dah full of scratches, mata dah mcm panda and my body aching like nobody business. SPA please!!!! huuu~

Will be my last touch for year 2013!! ..and...
2 weeks more I'm gonna meet my MR. 2014 ;p

Yet for all the hassle, the pain..some random people do make me smile out of nothing..
Nak dijadikan cerita, I did some ordering from my fav cookies guy... - yes a guy who make cookies! Comel kan...;D Had a chat with him for few days sebab nk clarify where he should send the packaging, risau betul. Iye, sampai je konpem selamat dalam perut I.. ;p. Such a funny guy and tau macam mana nak 'beli jiwa' customer dia. Hehe`. Saje nak buat I 'jatuh cinta' dgn cookies2 you kannn....tactic 'kotor' ni. Hahaha~

I got this!! With those super cute lil bear...huu jgn marah..it was been delivered by 4 jejaka and a handsome lil infant berHonda City di malam hari right in front of my house. Cekap cari rumah I..kagum! -sebenarnya he got a friend who own a house around here jugak...hik2...how small world it can be right.

Thanks for these my cookies guy. Tau x mcm sayang nk bukak packaging tu and telan all your cookies. Tapi I kisah apa kan...I'm a cookie monster...;P..

Eh, its getting super late. Got to catch some sleep before I weng for the event.
See ya guys! Shall update about the event later ya peeps...


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Brain clustered :

Its not easy to handle this.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Centuries of Heritage :D

Brain released :

The only word I can say...huuu epic sgt..;P..Finally here the 1st Annual Dinner of GHO after 103 years. See? Thats why I kata "Epic"! hahaha~

We presented to you ...

Sime Darby Group Head Office Annual Dinner 2013
Date : 29th November 2013
Venue : Sime Darby Convention Center, Mont Kiara
Theme : The Centuries of Heritage

Assembled : Dress by Phenomena, Faux fur by H&M, Clutch by Kim Kardashian Collection, Shawl by Shawlbyvsnow, Jacket by Voir, Accesories by KLCC , Belt by Vinci and shoes by Charles & Keith.

With one of the Group IT guy, he was not my partner of the day ok! It just our outfit matching2..ahahah~

It was a blast! Well, for the first timer especially for the GHO..this was awesome! The props, the hall, the decoration, the performance..and the foremost, the people! Everyone were such a 'diva' for the day. Hehe~ You guys memang sgt sporting la. Cool! To see almost everyone putting such efforts to look extra beautiful for the night.

Emceed by JJ (Red.FM) and Ayyaz our former staff in Sime, entertained by M.Nasir and the illusionist. Owh and also music performance by Aseanna (the percussion group). But the most special and cutest entertainment was an 'international' music video by our management team. Sumpah comel! Seriously guys, can you provide us the video please. Sangat rare okey! Hee~ (Somehow I know, some people from the group will be reading this..ngeee).

Cuma ada satu je benda xbest sgt. The food!!! The concept macam xsampai ke hati. Ha gittuw.. ahahah~ For an eater like me, the food were totally out from the list. Sorry but it was really tak sedap. Well then, mana ada event yg takde hiccups kan...You can do much better next year okeh? Give me five! Nanti kitaorg order McD je kang bwk masuk majlis. :P

Clockwise : 1.Most animated girl and En.Diva. 2. The mat sallehs were part of the props..;P 3. A part of my team : Mr Awesome, Boss Boolat, me and the Kpop guy ..hik2

Clockwise : 1. Hot guy with the hot girls..2. En.Diva with one of the Server team. who's that? Guess! hehe 3. Huu...Mr. Pat with his partner ;)

Pic were taken by an Iphone with video light. Yes, En.Diva i  had to be creative enough as we doesn't want to be in hassle of gantung DSLR here and there. Berat la okeh..Lagipun zaman tu dah habes. Hiks! Credited to him yg rajin snapping all those pic and retouched my personal one. Hobby you kan En. Diva playing with my pictures? ;P You pic been uploaded by someone in Instagram and got hundreds of 'Like'...is it because of your pic ke or sebab me? Hahahahahah~ ;p

Well then, basically that was for the night. Plantation had theirs a week before. Super grand too...with award winning theme, GHO done and we shall wait for another division for their night! Hehehe~