Monday, December 16, 2013

Art Sickness VS Cookies Guy!

Brain narrated :

It's been 3 days in the row lacked of sleep, just because of some props that I need to get it done for an event coming up...owh kejap 10 hours time. -_-

Its been a while I didn't come up with some artsy stuff for an event or something. Jammed kejap but of course it is in my blood, my passion ...I just need to find that mojo again. Owh where are you hiding dear? Takmo la main hide n sick time2 critical mcm ni...I feel like pengsani..huhu~ drama je...hee~
And yes the momentum started to blend with me all over again! Thank GOD - even tgn i dah full of scratches, mata dah mcm panda and my body aching like nobody business. SPA please!!!! huuu~

Will be my last touch for year 2013!! ..and...
2 weeks more I'm gonna meet my MR. 2014 ;p

Yet for all the hassle, the pain..some random people do make me smile out of nothing..
Nak dijadikan cerita, I did some ordering from my fav cookies guy... - yes a guy who make cookies! Comel kan...;D Had a chat with him for few days sebab nk clarify where he should send the packaging, risau betul. Iye, sampai je konpem selamat dalam perut I.. ;p. Such a funny guy and tau macam mana nak 'beli jiwa' customer dia. Hehe`. Saje nak buat I 'jatuh cinta' dgn cookies2 you kannn....tactic 'kotor' ni. Hahaha~

I got this!! With those super cute lil bear...huu jgn was been delivered by 4 jejaka and a handsome lil infant berHonda City di malam hari right in front of my house. Cekap cari rumah I..kagum! -sebenarnya he got a friend who own a house around here small world it can be right.

Thanks for these my cookies guy. Tau x mcm sayang nk bukak packaging tu and telan all your cookies. Tapi I kisah apa kan...I'm a cookie monster...;P..

Eh, its getting super late. Got to catch some sleep before I weng for the event.
See ya guys! Shall update about the event later ya peeps...


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