Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dear 2013, Thank You!

Brain reminiscing: 

2013 , and it’s all just a memory now .
Terima kasih untuk setiap kesakitan dan kekuatan.
Terima kasih untuk setiap kebangkitan selepas beribu kerebahan :’)
Terima kasih atas segala kasih dan sayang.

A very untold story , terlalu banyak cerita , terlalu banyak kenangan .

Di sini saat kembali berdikari mencari isi hati,
Bersahabat di sisi kanan dan kiri,
Yang sentiasa di hati saat menyendiri,
DIA menemukan si cinta hati...
Teman2 yang sangat dikasihi..

2014 .
And because expectation is the root to all heartache ,
Pasti itu sekadar untuk mematangkan
A hope to be a better human :’)

Just for once ,
2014 please be better *senyum*
And may Allah bless .

Tuhan,jagakan sahabat sahabatku,jagakan mereka yang aku cintai:’)

semoga tahun baru ini lebih engkau berkati:’)


#thesunnahthebetter #tof2013

I'll update in a while okey ;)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Energy Depleted...and HIS..

Pasti Itu Satu Kehilangan?

Heart clustered:

Ceritaku ibarat Refrain. 
Di kala bersahabat, hati terusik.
Di kala menyampaikan, ia terluka. 
Saatnya tiba, harus dilepaskan. 

Mungkin aku hanya takut,
Takut kehilangan.
Tapikan itu pasti..
Mana lagi yang nak ku nafikan?

Hati butuh jawapan,
Deklarasi yang tiada penghujung
Itukan hanya mainan jiwa
Pasti akal merajai.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Allah's Will

Sometimes, Allah breaks your spirit to save your soul.
Sometimes, Allah breaks our heart to make us whole.
Sometimes, Allah allows pain so we can be stronger.
Sometimes, Allah sends us failure so we can be humble.

Sometimes, Allah allows illness so 
we can take better care of ourselves.

Sometimes, Allah takes everything
away from us so we can learn the 
value of everything He gave us.

Make plans but understand that 
we live by Allah's grace 

Monday, December 16, 2013

GSC IT Makan & Mingle 2013

Exhausted :

GSC IT Makan & Mingle 2013
Date : 16th December 2013
Venue : Level 8, New Hall, Wisma Sime Darby
Theme : Cartoon Tunes

To make this happen, meeting were all up and down. Crashing the heads to think for the theme. Tak ingat how come we can come up with this theme. Gara2 we chose this, ada one of the Bureau emo why we couldn't choose the Arabic Night theme. Hahaha~ Next time ye...ni ikut suara majoriti..(padahal the Bureau bape kerat je la pun) ;P

Responsible for the deco, that is the major reason why I lacked of sleep for the past week. Googling every single past time to find the ideas and DIY stuff (kena ikut bajet..urghh -_-)...sudahnya kena jd terlebih kretip. Mencabar neurons2 ku dah ni. (padahal sungguh2 je squeezing kudrat singgahsana otak ni - berkarat dah..sampai kena seru la...seru khidmat nasihat abah! hahaha~)

So makanya, hari ni jadi hari I xbekerja walaupun berada di opis tercinta.... The Bureau on the go!

It was not less than FUN! Terasa kembali ke zaman kanak2...with all the Disney songs...and paling best, mmg terbocor la rahsia yg masing2 sume mmg stok tgk kartun jugak kat rumah kan....sume gara2 we made a game to guess the cartoon names based on 'Picaso' punye drawing hasil 'kanak2' IT ni...:P Memang sungguh kebadutan bila kadang2 lukisan tu xrupa apa pun but they can guess! Wild guess. Ish2...

Funny part tiba2 nama naik as one of the nominees for Ms. Congeniality award together with my another two GF. Huih sapekah yg gatal pi voted dlm survey tu? Nak kena sekeh ni! Most of them expecting my name to be announce. Haish berangan la korg...I committee kot. ahahah~ VOID! ;P

Okey dah...I nak pegi kidnap pic kat photographer tak berbayar kitaorg. and....tgh pikir ada lagi event ke next? Pengsan!

Art Sickness VS Cookies Guy!

Brain narrated :

It's been 3 days in the row lacked of sleep, just because of some props that I need to get it done for an event coming up...owh kejap lg...in 10 hours time. -_-

Its been a while I didn't come up with some artsy stuff for an event or something. Jammed kejap but of course it is in my blood, my passion ...I just need to find that mojo again. Owh where are you hiding dear? Takmo la main hide n sick time2 critical mcm ni...I feel like pengsani..huhu~ drama je...hee~
And yes the momentum started to blend with me all over again! Thank GOD - even tgn i dah full of scratches, mata dah mcm panda and my body aching like nobody business. SPA please!!!! huuu~

Will be my last touch for year 2013!! ..and...
2 weeks more I'm gonna meet my MR. 2014 ;p

Yet for all the hassle, the pain..some random people do make me smile out of nothing..
Nak dijadikan cerita, I did some ordering from my fav cookies guy... - yes a guy who make cookies! Comel kan...;D Had a chat with him for few days sebab nk clarify where he should send the packaging, risau betul. Iye, sampai je konpem selamat dalam perut I.. ;p. Such a funny guy and tau macam mana nak 'beli jiwa' customer dia. Hehe`. Saje nak buat I 'jatuh cinta' dgn cookies2 you kannn....tactic 'kotor' ni. Hahaha~

I got this!! With those super cute lil bear...huu jgn marah..it was been delivered by 4 jejaka and a handsome lil infant berHonda City di malam hari right in front of my house. Cekap cari rumah I..kagum! -sebenarnya he got a friend who own a house around here jugak...hik2...how small world it can be right.

Thanks for these my cookies guy. Tau x mcm sayang nk bukak packaging tu and telan all your cookies. Tapi I kisah apa kan...I'm a cookie monster...;P..

Eh, its getting super late. Got to catch some sleep before I weng for the event.
See ya guys! Shall update about the event later ya peeps...


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Brain clustered :

Its not easy to handle this.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Centuries of Heritage :D

Brain released :

The only word I can say...huuu epic sgt..;P..Finally here the 1st Annual Dinner of GHO after 103 years. See? Thats why I kata "Epic"! hahaha~

We presented to you ...

Sime Darby Group Head Office Annual Dinner 2013
Date : 29th November 2013
Venue : Sime Darby Convention Center, Mont Kiara
Theme : The Centuries of Heritage

Assembled : Dress by Phenomena, Faux fur by H&M, Clutch by Kim Kardashian Collection, Shawl by Shawlbyvsnow, Jacket by Voir, Accesories by KLCC , Belt by Vinci and shoes by Charles & Keith.

With one of the Group IT guy, he was not my partner of the day ok! It just our outfit matching2..ahahah~

It was a blast! Well, for the first timer especially for the GHO..this was awesome! The props, the hall, the decoration, the performance..and the foremost, the people! Everyone were such a 'diva' for the day. Hehe~ You guys memang sgt sporting la. Cool! To see almost everyone putting such efforts to look extra beautiful for the night.

Emceed by JJ (Red.FM) and Ayyaz our former staff in Sime, entertained by M.Nasir and the illusionist. Owh and also music performance by Aseanna (the percussion group). But the most special and cutest entertainment was an 'international' music video by our management team. Sumpah comel! Seriously guys, can you provide us the video please. Sangat rare okey! Hee~ (Somehow I know, some people from the group will be reading this..ngeee).

Cuma ada satu je benda xbest sgt. The food!!! The concept macam xsampai ke hati. Ha gittuw.. ahahah~ For an eater like me, the food were totally out from the list. Sorry but it was really tak sedap. Well then, mana ada event yg takde hiccups kan...You can do much better next year okeh? Give me five! Nanti kitaorg order McD je kang bwk masuk majlis. :P

Clockwise : 1.Most animated girl and En.Diva. 2. The mat sallehs were part of the props..;P 3. A part of my team : Mr Awesome, Boss Boolat, me and the Kpop guy ..hik2

Clockwise : 1. Hot guy with the hot girls..2. En.Diva with one of the Server team. who's that? Guess! hehe 3. Huu...Mr. Pat with his partner ;)

Pic were taken by an Iphone with video light. Yes, En.Diva i  had to be creative enough as we doesn't want to be in hassle of gantung DSLR here and there. Berat la okeh..Lagipun zaman tu dah habes. Hiks! Credited to him yg rajin snapping all those pic and retouched my personal one. Hobby you kan En. Diva playing with my pictures? ;P You pic been uploaded by someone in Instagram and got hundreds of 'Like'...is it because of your pic ke or sebab me? Hahahahahah~ ;p

Well then, basically that was for the night. Plantation had theirs a week before. Super grand too...with award winning theme, GHO done and we shall wait for another division for their night! Hehehe~

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Preparation

Brain stipulated :

Ha! Asal sebut 'prepare' je ingat something else eh? Hehehe~ Its is for a preparation for some event that going to be held tomorrow night.

Am I looking forward to it? Hermm.. Well then, it is a first time for us(GHO) of having such event. So why not attending to it kan..Actually preparation ni pun mcm menjadi satu hal jugak as we got a THEME!
Aihh ni yang mencabar minda ni. Kalau tak ikut theme xsporting plak kan..

Tengok la tu betapa horror -nya theme nye pun. "Centuries of Heritage". Amik kau...Nak dress up lagu mana tu? Ha google la apa lagi..;P

I did some research for it and some of the eras..I do have it in my closet! So dig it out Miss Enny. Hahaha~ Actually dah settled dah since last week, when I got to finalized all my dress, accessories and head gear for that night. Well it based on some fashion style that I found out from Google...again...heee. Basically it will be like this la kan...but way much simpler ( I need to bersiap from the office okey?....Jangan nk havoc sgt..huhu)

See? I tak google saje...siap baca history..hik2..but I'm not a fashionista okey? Just bound to read the history of the fashion style while googling for the era's fashion style.
So we shall wait for tomorrow then.
It seems ramai yg excited much for tomorrow night event. Let's see how everyone gonna dressup for the day!

Owh just got the the prize of the best dress are superb! I will not reveal the amount here yet..hiks.... ;P

Good Deed Need No Hesitation

Heart felt :

Today mcm swing a bit. Don't know why..must be sebab receiving those respond and words yang tak berapa nk menenangkan hati. I just asked! And perlu ke mcm byk sgt excuses and tambah2 ayat as if I have all the friends in the world? Kinda of annoying okeh..-_-

But then out my blue moon, my big sis whatsapp me with a crossfinger wishing that I'm free on 28th -29th December 2013. Adalah tu pekerjaannya kakak ku ni.
So far it is an empty space on my calendar yet for now even though is just a week before the E-day. It can be manageable. I think! Heee...my big sis kan ada!

Rupanya, she asked me for being a volunteer for some Islamic event together with her. Owh yeah, btw my sis ni mmg sgt suka benda2 mcm ni. Kalau boleh jadi MERCY full time pun agaknya dia pegi kot. Hehe~
The event been organized by MERCY Mission I guess (seen from the email itself).

Yeah why not I go for it right? Orang ajak ke arah kebaikan.. rare for some people asking and guiding us to a good deed. When you find one, stick with the person. She/he will bring more goodness in yourself.

And lets go jadi Volunteer! ;D

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hi Tea? Where?

Its relaxing time :

Abah was proposing to have a Hi-Tea time with the family. Ye la towards end of the year kan..saje nk get together time. Lagi2 we dah ada new baby in the house. Owh Aisy! Si kecik tembam tu..;D

So far ada few options that look nice. Thanks to En.Google la kan..ngee~

Pic courtesy from PJ Hilton
Hilton Petaling Jaya   
No. 2, Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Weekend High Tea 

RM58++ for adult 
RM30++ for child aged below 12 years old

Check out the details of Weekend High Tea atwww.ZestPJ.com/Weekend-High-Tea

 Thirty8, Grand Hyatt Hotel
 12 Jalan Pinang 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2182-1234

The Orchid Room, Tea Lounge
The Majestic Hotel
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2785 8000

All the places mcm sgt tempting. Abah seems favoring the PJ Hilton Hi-Tea. We might go there then. The rest, I shall go with my coolest people. Heee~
Apalah Hi Tea decoration pun mcm sgt superb...cantik! ni nak makan pun sayang...ngee~

Monday, November 11, 2013

Part 2 (Borneo Runaway)

Heart mesmerizing :

Back to Nature of Borneo

Brain released :

It was the day for our own crazy ESCAPADE!
Yeay...finally! Years looking forward for this...(ok drama much..it was not years..it just by months..;P)  Especially for my dear GF who stucked with her ICAW exam exactly a day before our fly day. Huhu~ It will be much worth it! Promise you....ngee~

Boarding with MH2612..yes! We went to KK with Malaysia Airlines. Huhu...ramai jugak yg tup sebut Air Asia ye? Hehe~ This time and maybe times to come, we will prefer using MAS or Malindo ;D
Sampai KLIA kemain awal even so we already web-checked in 48 hours before...itu pun ada drama still which we nyaris2 tertinggal flight. Naseb ada last call for check in our bag and makanya berlari2 to our gate. Ahaha~ Enny & Syairah mmg kalut mcm ni kadang2nya ..;P

It was quite a bumpy journey....cloudy all over the sky. Understandable as now kan musim monsoon and somewhere in Philippines , the taufoon 'Haiyann' is coming.. Scary jugak ...tapi redah je.. InsyaAllah takde apa2. Positive2! Owh btw estimation time from KLIA to KK International Airport for us to arrive was around for 3 hours la jgk. Lama kan? Tambah lagi skit, I can sampai Ausie dah..Hik2...next time!

During arrival, we took a cab from the airport directly to our hotel to check in. We stayed at the Palace Hotel (booked from Agoda.com for some reasonable price). Recommended hotel if you wanna stay in KK for quite a period due to the comfortableness. I just love big airy room and clean bathroom. Hiks.

First thing first, we had our rest for a while and out again heads up to Wisma Sabah to see what activities should we do in  3 days time. Lets see! Sempat grab a map kat aiport lg. Nampak sgt touristnya..huuu~
Time to book the activities...ha ni ada trick dia..kena rajin skit survey2 sbb ada harga yang agak2 berbeza...dekat Wisma Sabah tu leh kata satu floor tu sume agent for those activities.
Finally we decided to do back to back activities to consume all our time. Memang balik hotel motifnya hanya utk pengsan..;P

Activities that we chose :
Date : 7th November 2013
Time : 9.00 am -11.00 am
Activities : KK City Tour (Atkinson Clock Tower, Observatory Tower, Kota Kinabalu Mosque City, Buddha Temple, University Malaysia Sabah,, Filipino Marker and Handicraft Market)
Price : RM90

Date : 7th November 2013
Time : 12 pm -9.00 pm
Activities : Weston Wildlife River Cruise & Fireflies Sightseeing (included transportationfrom hotel, boat fees, Hi-Tea with local dessert, dinner at Weston Probosic Monkey Sanctuary)
Price : RM 180

Date : 8th November 2013
Time 8.30am - 2.00 pm
Activities : Island Hoping to Pulau Sapi (included transportation from hotel, BBQ Seafood lunch, snorkeling equipment)
Price : RM 180

Actually byk je lagi activities you can choose around here like going for hiking Mount Kinabalu, visiting the perkampungan, go to Kundasang to see those NZ cows..but yeah...if you tinggal sebulan bole la nak try semua kan..hee~

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2 - Forest With Love (Hutan Lipur Lentang)

Heart blessed :

Lokasi kejadian : Hutan Lipur Lentang, Pahang
Motif : Piknik suka-suka!
Suspek : Jiran2 Topaz 3

Hahah~ dah macam melaporkan berita jenayah je..;P Ok2 tak...they are just 'partner in crime' bila nak buat keje kemasyarakatan mcm ni. Wah ayat praktis sgt nk jadi bini ADO ni...hik3...hyep!!

And here we go! Hutan Lipur Lentang here we come!
Mula2 nak sampai mcm agak nak sesat jugak la. Sebenarnya memang dah sesat pun..ahahah, ha 'Lets Get Lost' sgt  kan.. Sudahnya, terpaksa masuk lane bayaran tunai tuk tanya budak dkt tol mana gayanya lah tempat ni. Maafkan la masing2 yang memang noob ni, almaklumlah the last time we visited the place when I was still a kid, 20 taun lalu punyer citer kot. Ish2..
Google map bole letak tepi! Tak membantu langsung...sila bukak mata besar2 if you guys wanna come here sebab signboard dia agak main acah2 di situ.. Just ikut je arah nak ke Kuantan, surely akan jumpa.;D Sememangnya we already crossed the border of Selangor, yes this place belong to Pahang..heheh~ sebab kalau di google pun akan nampak this forest dekat Bentong. *ok xpernah tau. hiks~

All we did were grilling, eating and laughing all the time. Dah nama pun piknik. Ada benda lain ke nak buat? Huhuhu~Seronok tengok everyone were having fun! Mana yang berendam xdan nak makan, yang feeling2 bertapa dalam sungai tu; bak kata one of the sister, hydrotheraphy okey! Memang la, dah gaya mcm kayu hanyut korg dlm sungai tu, yang mana siap gayut2 and terjun tiruk! Haishh..Sebarkan video Tarzan tu kang baru tau! ahahahah~
Basically we had so much fun, even bersambung lagi makan2 kat rumah..Uih tak reti penat wahai kakak2 abg2 ku? Mau pengsan sudah ni...huhu~

Kalau tahun lepas, my birthday I was doing paramotor with my big sis, this year..kita low profile skit...family2 type skit...a bit lay back jugak la..
Yeah right Cik Enny, this is not it ok! Ahaha~ True enough, my real birthday treat will be my KK trip soon!!...Tick tock tick tock! Counting the days!!!

Stay tune for my another travelogue to Sabah ;D

Friday, November 1, 2013

Its My Day!! :D

Heart giggling :

Takkan nk nyanyi kt diri sendiri kan...heeee..Eh nyanyi apa ni? ;P
Hehehe..yeah2...it is my day that I've been born last 29 years ago. Oppss terbocor rahsia umur sudah. Hahaha~ no biggie...I'm a proud 29 years old birthday girl!!

But thanks to Google for this. Mmg 'BF' terbaik la..;P You are my brain, my jiwa, my buku virtual... ;D


Date: 31st October 2013
Location: Kenny Rogers, Maju Junction 

My dear bosses dah mengadvancedkan sehari my B day...ceyh! Coincidentally, half of my team having an annual training for the year just a day before the day. During the team luncheon, suddenly muncul sebijik kek. Tada!! Owh maafkan hasil keje jejaka2 kan....hidang kek pun still atas kotak. ahahah~ Ya ampun...;P
First time ni in 4 years be with them been celebrated like this. Ok not blaming anyone pun as before I was based kat tempat lain, so org lain yang tolong celebratedkan. Ngee~ Btw,  I is to terharu...sob sob..
The celebration bersambung lg during the eve itself, THOR : The Dark World in the row. Yes mmg first released for Halloween day, we dah xnyempat2 pegi tgk.. thanks for the companion! Superb!

Date: 1st November 2013
Location : Office & Home

The day itself. Yeayy hari utk jadi femes amos...hahah.. Thanks to FB yang alert everyone about the day. Tak ingat mmg saje je kan..;P
Thanks to more than 50 wishes flooding my wall (the best part is most of them are really a friend to me...), to my dear En. Sayang yang dah siap2 nyanyi last night dlm Whatsapp (PJJ mmg begini caranya T___T) and dearest good friends yang approached personally for the wish. Ameen~ Only HIM can make all your doa and wishes come true. I feel blessed. ;D #hugs
And it haven't stop, no wonder my Abah beriya suruh balik Saujana malam ni jugak, ada another cake menanti di depan pintu rumah with my big sista2 (neighbor). Heyy, moks la me like this, asik menyumbat dgn kek je..huhu~  Tapi surprise tu dah dijangka sbb slalunya I yang mengenakan dorg...hikhik2.... Thanks Mak Abah for this. Nyummmm~

And somehow, I know this will be contagious for quite a while sbb my month gonna be a bit pack with lunch and dinner date. Seems my mission of gaining weight will be magically on. ;P Owh my...hahahah

Ok let's tdo! Esok nak pi picnic! Yeayyy

Monday, October 28, 2013

For You & Only You ♥

Heart giggling:

To my dear love,

For you, nothing in this world I would ever trade
You are more precious to me than a dazzling Jade
From every trouble of life, you have given me bail
On your birthday I wish you, a long life hearty and hale

 p/s: Sorry for not celebrating with you at this moment. Work calls..-___-...
Well then, it always gonna be a special day for you my dear Mr.PTD, Peanut Butter and Cinta. 
We gonna make it up later yeah...ke nak tggu nk sampai 4th Jan? Hehehe ;)

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Brain hearing:

Heee...it's so obvious kan I was not writing that much this month.
A part of the October not being so good, eh kejap bukan the month being not so good cuma.....too many things to cope, to be handle...till sometimes I wish I can replace my brain with another one.
Works, love, events..haihh~ ok2 tak baik mengeluh. Shhhhh negative vibes! Gi main jejauh...Dush!

Basically nothing much pun..must be it towards some dates yang reminded me of something.
Something yang bisa membuatkan air mata berguguran tanpa diminta..
It's been a while, but then life goes on right..

"You don't have to worry about me anymore, jatuh bangun nya me right now...someone will pull me over, hold me and heal me again and again. All your advises, your concern, your appreciation always gonna have his own soft spot in my heart. Which kindness I can deny? When at one time, you the one who hold me straight, who saw me when no one ever seen me before, the one who nurture my soul of what I am today. It's time for me to let you go for good dear. Trust me will you? I will be perfectly fine. Please 'memories'..just fade away, please for me? "

I do hope so my October next year will be the most beautiful October it will be.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Feel Like It

I guess everyone had felt such way before that right? With no reason, with no valid answer....we just feel like crying by our own. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

I Met You

Heart monolog :

I spent a  lot of time
searching for affection
in shallow spaces

I gave people bits of me
they didn't deserve
ang I let myself be hurt,
because I thought
that's what I deserved

But once I let go
of tring to shove puzzle pieces
in places that did not fit,
once I let go of all the hate
I secretly had stored in the
gashes that decorate my heart

I met you

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Big 5!

Brain do the shout out! 

Happy Ennyversary to myself! 
Sesungguhnya it's been 5 years dah I'm with this beloved KKM -pstt tu bukan nama orang, tu nama samaran company ku..heee~
Jatuh bangun, am growing up here and there,
Crying, fall sick
Macam2 kisah and yet I'm still here.
Loyal much!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Challenge? Sanggup? Tak Sanggup?

Brain tickling :

Saje kan entry...pe yang sanggup pe yang tak sanggupnya nye ntah...hahaha~
Takde simply said...Terasa lately ni ramai yang bertanya, ramai yang terebah hatinya, ramai yang terguris jiwanya..huish ayat kau Cik Enny. :P
Semua pun sebab cabaran! Cobaan! Dogaan! Ish2...
Ehhhh...back to the real story...

As I said...the word of 'Challenge' tu berat sebenarnya...tapi it depends on how people take it. If you rasa challenge tu bole mematangkan you, take it in a good way, jadi motivasi, jadi visi, jadi bukti.

Tapi if you take it as perkara yang membebankan, memang la jawabnya the combination of your heart feeling going to be so much negative - nak marah la, emo mengalahkan orang PMS, busy mengalahkan PM (ke buat2 busy?), frustrated if you tak achieve what you want.
Tak ke menduga jiwa dan raga tu?

Work (Rotation Challenges)

Work load yang tetiba super banyak, sampai rs otak exhausted. Beza ok rasa otak or badan yang exhausted. But this is what I'm facing when I accepted the challenge to be back in GHO. Rasa reluctant at the first place tapi sampai bila kan..
So nak taknak kena clear in mind, empty kan semua mindset I penah setkan before.
And the result being here, my networking getting bigger as I got to see all the bosses, all the staff, make new friends (tapi I'm kinda put some distance a bit as I just don't want to feel bonded again.....sedih bila nak melepaskan) -some 'peminat' pun ye gak. Ahaha~ Takpe la, by means ada org sentiasa memerhatikan I kan ;P. Plus point, here I need to learn in very fast phase, all my super senior semua mcm superman mengajar. nasib I have photographic memory. Dan2 je...hehe

But then ada je jugak yg sampai skrg reluctant much, frustrated, demotivated la senang cerita. My dear friend, I faham why you being like that. Just try to survive yeah. Takmo byk sgt mengeluh, tak dapat apa pun. Fikir negative byk sgt pasal orang pun kan penat tu. So just take it as what it is. If rasa susah sgt, rewind balik to your niat yang asal, you come to work for what? Tanya hati tu.


Ini banyak sangat kisahnya. My own, my friends..macam2 la..
For me, having another half yg sangat kontra with me sebenarnya sgt challenging. Tak sabar mmg kelaut jawabnya. Lagi2 I'm in a long distance relationship. So nak test kesabaran tu mmg kejap je turun naik. Again tanya hati la kan.
Having a different character, different view, different interest kinda make me pening sometimes but in the fun way. Weird right? Donno! Must BE I LOVE HIM SO MUCH i think...huuu cheesy much! ;D
Penat la jugak nak learn here and there tapi we can always take phase by phase. InsyaAllah usia tu panjang lagi. Hari2 belajar benda baru. Kan seronok tu? Rasa nak emo? Go do your thing sesenyap kjap then reconcile balik. Jangan la jd budak2 sgt. Dah la layak nak jd mak pak org dah. Heee~

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cute Doodle for Moms Pizza!

Heart happily:

Customized specially made for our own product 'Moms Pizza'...
Gonna make in rubber stamp and being a part of our packaging. ;D
Thanks Athirah for this doodle. So gonna keep in touch with you again for another project.
Much love.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Much of my past lies dormant,
like a tattered quilt hidden in the attic
too precious to discard,
too damaged to display.

I have surreptitiously torn some pages from the book
even unseen, unwritten, unrecorded
these pages, these songs of my life
remain part of the greater stort

and the writer knows they exist.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pizzeria Fiesta!!

Business brain take the place :

Lai, lai...mari2..abang, kakak, adik, pakcik makcik...
Bagi yang biasa to see my homemade dishes in here or in the FB itself. Now we make it serious talk! And now we presenting you our newly homemade product for sale!!

It's already out there as we have our own agent dah. Hehe~ Pantas kan...
We have three different flavors of SEAFOOD, COLD CUTS AND ROASTED CHICKEN. Nyumss!
Ingredients handpicked by Abah who have the background in F&B industries. Made with love by Mak and packaging by Me - in the middle creating a special doodle for this too ;P
Owh come in two different sizes. Besar and sederhana. You can find us in FB too. Eh google je la for sure jumpa jugak kot. ahahah~

So anything for order : you can just email me directly, comment kat sini pun bole..;D

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Belajar Bersyukur

Heart felt :

Nikmat mana yang nak didustakan? Terlalu banyak masa yang kita ambil untuk mengeluh, merengek dan menyesali atas perkara yang tak perlu.
Tapi kita tetap nak buat mcm tu kan...tak menyalahkan sesiapa pun.
Kadang2 ia sekadar nak memuaskan hati walaupun tau sebenarnya takde kesan apa pun. Saje nak buang masa, merengek2 pada orang tersayang takpun paling mudah bercerita pada orang yang totally strangers to us - sebab tak jumpa dah lepas tu.;P So cerita sekadar bercerita alkisahnya.

Tapi sebenarnya kita lupa, nikmat yang Tuhan bagi lebih jauh banyaknya dari kesusahan yang sepincing tu. DIA baru nak test sikit, kita dah meroyan sana sini. Alahai...before you do that. why not just stay still and think. Orang kata muhasabah diri... Try to look back what you have done before before menyalahkan orang, menyalahkan keadaan and putting the word IF all over the place.
Nages tau nak ngadap orang spesis camni hari2...tapi ku pasrah kan jua..hehe.
I just take it as a process for me to learn about myself dari gerak tata cara orang lain.
I know you curious but don't question too much. Sometimes the answer you been looking for just floating around you. Look deep and feel hard. It does help.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pencari Hati

Brain stimulating :

Eh ada ke pencari hati? Ada! Ni spesis baru punya. Hiks...
Menjadi perkerjaan baru plak tetiba kena jadi 'penjodoh bilangan' ni...atau nama lainnya pencari jodoh. Huu mcm terer sangat je.

Had a conversation between 2 hati serentak buat diri rasa nk gelak guling2 jugak sebab?
ASSUME! OVER THINK! TAKUT! Ehhhh confront je la. Ish!
Sabar je la.. Boleh tahan nk dengar luahan hati dan perasaan ni.
Tapi tiba2 ada rasa sesuatu...but after analyzing it..I knew this just aroused stands from our platonic friendship.
This is were my Cinta asked: "belajar melepaskan.."

Reading about it..I did found out quite interesting statement from some research about this platonic definition...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby In The Houz'

Heart fulled:

With love! When you have 3 babies around, what you gonna do?
Baby kecik, baby sederhana, baby besar....It's really required different way of attention. Nak pengsan jap boleh x?

Mohammad Aisy Rayyan Shah
Yang kecit ni dah tentu2 akan seek attention all the time, xbg attention pun I will pamper him...dah kata 'maklong'..;P
Yang 'sederharhana' tu..hermm...need some extra attention. Need to mold him to be a lil bit of me. Hu sgt challenge!
Yang 'besar' ...never fail to me smile with his lil baduts way...the one that I need to tender and care as he is my LIFE. ;D

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kerana Tugasan (Malacca Spot)

Brain tickling:

Basically just feel kinda tired a bit...penangan hari ni tetiba kena selsema pulak...-_-..sungguh xbest!
Main ujan kah smlm? Eh time dah tdo baru hujan...ke sebab en.aircond yang memang tak boleh bertolenrasi. Deng!
Tapi semalam duk makan saje keje, xnak citer plak kan..ahaha~..
Oppss...macam taktau Melaka is one of the place yang memang syurga makanan.;P
So kerja ke tak kerja ke..makan tu penting!

Duduk kat hotel yang sgt strategik menyebabkan terasa heavennya nk berjalan2..(sebelum ttba hujan lebat). Teka2 hotel apa tu? hahahah~

Courtesy En.Google
Sempat je jejalan kat Jonker Street- the night market, strolling sepanjang riverside Sg.Melaka - feeling2 bajet kat Venice and cari tempat asam pedas best!. Sume gara2 kena duk bebel si putera lilin sorg tu..'makan tak sedap..siap u!'...Ehhhh....makanya bersungguh2 la google tempat best, last2 tanya makcik2 kat situ gak..sonang koje den.;P...makanya navigation GPS dlm kete dia la jadi mangsa. Hik3..

But for sure for one thing, need to heret En.Cinta datang sini again, too many interesting spot yg cantik for his street photography. Tak best berangan sesorg... Heee~ Even dia dah datang hari tu, but he was doing his assignments... mesti dia xnampak tempat2 I mentioned ni.. kan kan kan..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Negaraku dalam Panggung Wayang? Huih!

Heart blessed:

Sangkakan it just a rumor by itself. But then when I was waiting to watch a movie with Cinta, biasalah sebelum start cerita sure banyak iklan or trailer of coming soon movies, suddenly those promo of 'Pesanan Terakhir' and 'Tanah Tumpahnya Darah' came across. Huishh..patriotik sgt ni. Not enough with that, lagu NEGARAKU berkumandang!

Secara spontannya all of us yang ada dalam pawagam tu semua berdiri. Tak kisah la what race sekalipun, they all are just so sporting to just stand straight while lagu Negaraku was playing. Macam cannot brain this, lagu Negaraku inside the cinema itself? But yes, that is the thing is happening in our beloved country nowadays. Macam sangat comel, lagi2..a part of us semangat nyanyi sungguh2 sekali. Sapa kata rakyat M'sia tak hargai and xmenghormati negara sendiri? Here the bukti itself. I can't stop smiling when remembering those moment and being a part of it.

Semangat patriotik tu sebenarnya sentiasa ada di hati setiap orang..but well yeah some of us just pretend to ignore it, deniable..xpenat ke? Jujur je la pada hati tu. Kan lagi mudah ;D  Tengok wayang pun boleh belajar hormatkan negara sendiri with a simple gesture as that. Tak suruh pun bergolok bergadai kalau tak mampu.
So sambil tengok wayang tu janganlah buat wayang sndri kan...*tepuk dahi.

And yes! Please do enjoy this.... lirik dia sgt2 la special...thanks Petronas for this awesome clip!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Lil Furballs for Sale

Tommy and Tomok, lil furballs to my Caspian Rillian (flat face persian) and Kimmy (persian). 
And they are for sale!!
My house dah byk sgt kucing...
Anyone interested?

Name : Tommy & Tomok
Age: 2 months years old
Type: Persian
Price : RM 700 (negotiable)