Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to Nature of Borneo

Brain released :

It was the day for our own crazy ESCAPADE!
Yeay...finally! Years looking forward for this...(ok drama was not just by months..;P)  Especially for my dear GF who stucked with her ICAW exam exactly a day before our fly day. Huhu~ It will be much worth it! Promise you....ngee~

Boarding with MH2612..yes! We went to KK with Malaysia Airlines. Huhu...ramai jugak yg tup sebut Air Asia ye? Hehe~ This time and maybe times to come, we will prefer using MAS or Malindo ;D
Sampai KLIA kemain awal even so we already web-checked in 48 hours before...itu pun ada drama still which we nyaris2 tertinggal flight. Naseb ada last call for check in our bag and makanya berlari2 to our gate. Ahaha~ Enny & Syairah mmg kalut mcm ni kadang2nya ..;P

It was quite a bumpy journey....cloudy all over the sky. Understandable as now kan musim monsoon and somewhere in Philippines , the taufoon 'Haiyann' is coming.. Scary jugak ...tapi redah je.. InsyaAllah takde apa2. Positive2! Owh btw estimation time from KLIA to KK International Airport for us to arrive was around for 3 hours la jgk. Lama kan? Tambah lagi skit, I can sampai Ausie time!

During arrival, we took a cab from the airport directly to our hotel to check in. We stayed at the Palace Hotel (booked from for some reasonable price). Recommended hotel if you wanna stay in KK for quite a period due to the comfortableness. I just love big airy room and clean bathroom. Hiks.

First thing first, we had our rest for a while and out again heads up to Wisma Sabah to see what activities should we do in  3 days time. Lets see! Sempat grab a map kat aiport lg. Nampak sgt touristnya..huuu~
Time to book the activities...ha ni ada trick dia..kena rajin skit survey2 sbb ada harga yang agak2 berbeza...dekat Wisma Sabah tu leh kata satu floor tu sume agent for those activities.
Finally we decided to do back to back activities to consume all our time. Memang balik hotel motifnya hanya utk pengsan..;P

Activities that we chose :
Date : 7th November 2013
Time : 9.00 am -11.00 am
Activities : KK City Tour (Atkinson Clock Tower, Observatory Tower, Kota Kinabalu Mosque City, Buddha Temple, University Malaysia Sabah,, Filipino Marker and Handicraft Market)
Price : RM90

Date : 7th November 2013
Time : 12 pm -9.00 pm
Activities : Weston Wildlife River Cruise & Fireflies Sightseeing (included transportationfrom hotel, boat fees, Hi-Tea with local dessert, dinner at Weston Probosic Monkey Sanctuary)
Price : RM 180

Date : 8th November 2013
Time 8.30am - 2.00 pm
Activities : Island Hoping to Pulau Sapi (included transportation from hotel, BBQ Seafood lunch, snorkeling equipment)
Price : RM 180

Actually byk je lagi activities you can choose around here like going for hiking Mount Kinabalu, visiting the perkampungan, go to Kundasang to see those NZ cows..but yeah...if you tinggal sebulan bole la nak try semua kan..hee~

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