Thursday, November 28, 2013

Good Deed Need No Hesitation

Heart felt :

Today mcm swing a bit. Don't know why..must be sebab receiving those respond and words yang tak berapa nk menenangkan hati. I just asked! And perlu ke mcm byk sgt excuses and tambah2 ayat as if I have all the friends in the world? Kinda of annoying okeh..-_-

But then out my blue moon, my big sis whatsapp me with a crossfinger wishing that I'm free on 28th -29th December 2013. Adalah tu pekerjaannya kakak ku ni.
So far it is an empty space on my calendar yet for now even though is just a week before the E-day. It can be manageable. I think! big sis kan ada!

Rupanya, she asked me for being a volunteer for some Islamic event together with her. Owh yeah, btw my sis ni mmg sgt suka benda2 mcm ni. Kalau boleh jadi MERCY full time pun agaknya dia pegi kot. Hehe~
The event been organized by MERCY Mission I guess (seen from the email itself).

Yeah why not I go for it right? Orang ajak ke arah kebaikan.. rare for some people asking and guiding us to a good deed. When you find one, stick with the person. She/he will bring more goodness in yourself.

And lets go jadi Volunteer! ;D

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