Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Preparation

Brain stipulated :

Ha! Asal sebut 'prepare' je ingat something else eh? Hehehe~ Its is for a preparation for some event that going to be held tomorrow night.

Am I looking forward to it? Hermm.. Well then, it is a first time for us(GHO) of having such event. So why not attending to it kan..Actually preparation ni pun mcm menjadi satu hal jugak as we got a THEME!
Aihh ni yang mencabar minda ni. Kalau tak ikut theme xsporting plak kan..

Tengok la tu betapa horror -nya theme nye pun. "Centuries of Heritage". Amik kau...Nak dress up lagu mana tu? Ha google la apa lagi..;P

I did some research for it and some of the eras..I do have it in my closet! So dig it out Miss Enny. Hahaha~ Actually dah settled dah since last week, when I got to finalized all my dress, accessories and head gear for that night. Well it based on some fashion style that I found out from Google...again...heee. Basically it will be like this la kan...but way much simpler ( I need to bersiap from the office okey?....Jangan nk havoc sgt..huhu)

See? I tak google saje...siap baca history..hik2..but I'm not a fashionista okey? Just bound to read the history of the fashion style while googling for the era's fashion style.
So we shall wait for tomorrow then.
It seems ramai yg excited much for tomorrow night event. Let's see how everyone gonna dressup for the day!

Owh just got the the prize of the best dress are superb! I will not reveal the amount here yet..hiks.... ;P

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