Friday, November 1, 2013

Its My Day!! :D

Heart giggling :

Takkan nk nyanyi kt diri sendiri kan...heeee..Eh nyanyi apa ni? ;P is my day that I've been born last 29 years ago. Oppss terbocor rahsia umur sudah. Hahaha~ no biggie...I'm a proud 29 years old birthday girl!!

But thanks to Google for this. Mmg 'BF' terbaik la..;P You are my brain, my jiwa, my buku virtual... ;D


Date: 31st October 2013
Location: Kenny Rogers, Maju Junction 

My dear bosses dah mengadvancedkan sehari my B day...ceyh! Coincidentally, half of my team having an annual training for the year just a day before the day. During the team luncheon, suddenly muncul sebijik kek. Tada!! Owh maafkan hasil keje jejaka2 kan....hidang kek pun still atas kotak. ahahah~ Ya ampun...;P
First time ni in 4 years be with them been celebrated like this. Ok not blaming anyone pun as before I was based kat tempat lain, so org lain yang tolong celebratedkan. Ngee~ Btw,  I is to terharu...sob sob..
The celebration bersambung lg during the eve itself, THOR : The Dark World in the row. Yes mmg first released for Halloween day, we dah xnyempat2 pegi tgk.. thanks for the companion! Superb!

Date: 1st November 2013
Location : Office & Home

The day itself. Yeayy hari utk jadi femes amos...hahah.. Thanks to FB yang alert everyone about the day. Tak ingat mmg saje je kan..;P
Thanks to more than 50 wishes flooding my wall (the best part is most of them are really a friend to me...), to my dear En. Sayang yang dah siap2 nyanyi last night dlm Whatsapp (PJJ mmg begini caranya T___T) and dearest good friends yang approached personally for the wish. Ameen~ Only HIM can make all your doa and wishes come true. I feel blessed. ;D #hugs
And it haven't stop, no wonder my Abah beriya suruh balik Saujana malam ni jugak, ada another cake menanti di depan pintu rumah with my big sista2 (neighbor). Heyy, moks la me like this, asik menyumbat dgn kek je..huhu~  Tapi surprise tu dah dijangka sbb slalunya I yang mengenakan dorg...hikhik2.... Thanks Mak Abah for this. Nyummmm~

And somehow, I know this will be contagious for quite a while sbb my month gonna be a bit pack with lunch and dinner date. Seems my mission of gaining weight will be magically on. ;P Owh my...hahahah

Ok let's tdo! Esok nak pi picnic! Yeayyy

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