Friday, April 27, 2012

199 vs 359 ..Drama!! o_0

Heart can't stop laughing :

Just because of a WARDROBE for Chubs...Mama Dragon vs Godfather! Who do you think gonna WIN? Hahaha~ This drama started and dragged all the way from IKEA to 'Pappa Kaya' ...;P

Sambung fighting outside of the car

We sure gonna WIN!

Okey pening dah!

Face to face cat fight...Wooo


Godfather LOST! The mama dragon doing her 'running man' dance! HAHAH~

Pic credited to Abang Ijat yang telah diculik petang itu..

Sekian drama hari ini...;P

The Devilish Insanity ;P

Brain cracked :

This is what happened right after our CSR for the day....Pictures can tell so much right..;P -Credited to our 'Mem Gojes.'

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Hate You That Much Ha?

Heart sulking :

But brain said "Jangan ngada2 lah.."...Small the matter.

Well seeing someone who be with someone that been ignored before...kinda funny though. Up to the extend, this 'someone' tends to ditch all the friends. Yeah sape la kami ni kan?? Hehe~ Therefore don't comment much about a person; end up you being with him/her. Erk..orang kata "cakap tak serupa bikin la"...Huu -applying to myself too -but I know this person for ages, if I end up with him pun- I must said it's faith right. LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP!

Sometimes my best choice is to keep silent. 
Because I know if I try to explain myself, people wouldn't get it anyways.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breakfast Cara Devilish Wear Longchamp!

Brain & heart digging for foods :

Di kala pagi Selasa yang sungguh syahdu, sampai kat ofis as early as 7.30am memang boleh mengundang kemengantukan yg super saiya sungguh.

While doing some routine task pepagi hari, duk sakan commenting coffee issue with another 3 devilish bersatu...sambil makan homemade chicken sandwich (guna roti pita) buatan sahabat yang juga menjadi teman car pool sejak2 dah pindah ni with air kotak chocolate. Sounds good ha...till you see this!

See? Another set of breakfast.. Made in KFC. Hahaha~ Huuu terharuuuu...... Ini nama rezeki! Tuh orang2 kata, 'bangun awal, keluar awal...membuka pintu rezeki..'...Nyum2...while typing this , I'm still eating though. Ada yang tak makan lunch karang ni. Heee~  Thanks my devilish partners! You guys memang AWESOME!! Hugss kekuat...( Harus la yang pakai Longchamp tu hanya para gadis...xkan yg lagi dua tu pun nk pakai Longchamp...hahah~)...

Note : Owh baru tau my big bro tu tak makan fastfood anymore..huu so very the healthy. Sorry peeps..I memang bukan diet punya orang, sudahnya mmg taktau ke mana makanan tu sume pegi...;P

"Enny, bila nak start keje ni?"...Ok2 to go...Perut kenyang haruslah bekerja dengan penuh produktiviti..kononnya...ahahah~

p/s : I'm just so happy I get to talk to my lil sis that I miss her so much...hugs my beloved GF and saw my En.Senyum is here in the office. Though we didn't talk yet but just by seeing him its good enough to make my day  ;))

Abang kesayangan tetap ada... Bapak devilish!;P

Monday, April 23, 2012


Heart saying :

And I guess you will just know why I STOP from you.

Just STOP! As I chose to end it here. I am blocking in any ways for you to approach me again. Stop with your own speculations, assumptions, doubt, untrustworthy and difficulties. I do not need to entertain you no more.One step you come over infront of me, TWO step I'll take to stay away from you.

But I will never STOP from loving people who always be my circle of 'pelangi'. Note to myself, moga Allah kuatkan diriku, lindungi dari putus asa......

Selidik Sebelum Celaru

Brain agreeing on this :

This guy always have his own way how to express what he have in point for him, he put it in humorous method. Kinda cool..! Boleh tangkap sentap jugak pada yang memang suka percaya je apa saje yang ada depan tanpa selidik. Make it as a FAKTA not AUTA.

I must say there are lots of us love to make assumptions..speculations. And do you know assumptions does kill people? You have a doubt on it yet you believe 100%ly what you have in hand. At the end of the day, if the things is true, it's fine but if it's totally a faulty ..what you gonna do? Menegakkan benang yang basah?? This is the part people can go against you consecutively.

Please USE your brain & curiosity!

Semua Tak Sama

Brain adapting :

Do I need to say more?

Nyata a simple words from my 'upside down' significant other just make me smile through out my Monday morning. Thanks dear. The most LOYAL person I ever had...hugss*

Friday, April 20, 2012

Good One!! Abuden??

Heart feel funny :

Have you ever feel annoyed when people asking you which obviously they know the answer though.. "Hi, tunggu LRT ke ? (Which memang dekat stesen LRT)..." Taklah tggu kapal terbang"..Duh...Ahahah~ Just a courtesy I guess.. Let see this, good laugh!!

Lol!! Good one..can't wait for another one...hehehe~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lil 'Angel' of The Year

Brain speculating :

One thing I HATE the most ..’orang cakap tak serupa bikin’… and it’s happening again and again.  And if this things gonna reversing by itself, why bother to acquaint with me at the first place? Keep saying the same things but I caught you right handed of doing this. Too bad stalker biayaan ‘kasih sayang’ you tu pun xcukup cerdik.  We detected far more faster than you. *dancing

Another 'angel' appearing? Okey telenovela fantasi ni dah berapa ratus episode ni? Lost count dah okeh...I should make a listing kat side bar ni khas cerita psl ni…senang nk refer back kan..tapi cam xagak kurang kerajinan plak. Hee~  you should know better I guess.  – ok xsempat , another ‘angel’ been detected…Wahai partner in crime, I guess kita bole jd ghostbuster …Hahah~

Seriously girls, to whom that may be concern…especially who knowing or partially in love or fully in love with this particular human being...don’t be such a bimbo…or don’t try to be such an ‘angel’ to this dearest devilish beloved person.  I deadly seriously cannot hold my laugh dah ni… ..You questioned people like no one business, what? Claiming he totally yours? Go ahead my dear, we xamik ‘sampah’…Orang kata kita kena berbelas kasihan pada yang kurang kemampuan, there you go..our ‘recycle’ thing. Have fun of using it. It just so funny watching lil girls fighting, questioning people macam polis pencen just because of a guy. OMG! Come to your sense lil sisters…Hebat betul penangan ‘darkdragon’ sorang ni.  Heheh~
If la I can attached partial of the conversation of these lil girls, agak2 some of my fb friend boleh teka who are these girls…we remained them as anonymous okeh for now… sebab I just wanna enjoy seeing telenovela yang tak perlu director ni. Lame gila actingnye ha…;P

“ I bakal wife dia…as he said”….” Yeah, I pernah jd gf dia…I nak dia berubah je”….. Hahahaha~ ..Statement cannot go tul…Tak larat nak gelak dah. Beriya nak jadi ‘angel’ to such a’ devil’….You have my salute la.. this person are beyond help. Sorry la if we tak melayan soalan2 xberkaitan sebab wasting of our time sissy!..I might say to you..get a life! Kenapalah nak serabut2 jadi ‘angel’ sesumpah ni? Funny… I should make an award la kan...'Lil Angel of The Year'...hahahaha~

Sebab agak ada masa kesenggangan yang tangan mampu mendoodle...nak tgk tak rupa 'darkdragon' I yang paling sexy tgh makan sweets? Gigih betul ku nak melukis ha....Sempat je...;P

Ha..comel kan..?? ahahah~ bole save je..sebab I know these 'angels' semuanya kanak2 ribena...Leh main kaler2 kan...heheh~

Thanks, you just make my day…;P

Weird Confession!!

Brain stucked :

Ayoo what is this?
Dear Mr.Tabloid, you really jeopardizing my neutrons…..polluted, suffocated with all bad things. Lari my ‘mojo jojo’ ha. Wheew..But yeah while breakfasting with my lady boss, what else to read.....full of unnecessarily news..bak kata my mem gojes - soHarianMetro! ahahah~ ooppss tersebut nama tabloid tu eh? ;P  It became a habit to read from back to front (apply only to newspaper, books xleh la…len macam dah ceritanya..) Macam xde cerita yang memberansangkan otak. All the stories make as if Malaysia are so full of ‘sick’ people…Owh man…that are so pathetic..Kesian taw. Ish3 

But….it does trigger me to something…yang nyaris we ala2 ‘Charlie Angels’ kat sini nak submit an article to them….sebab kisah satu makhluk ni mmg layak masuk this type of tabloid…Leh jadi heading lagi…Ganas! Sure laku more than 4 million readers la…Ahahah~ 


Bacaan seterusnya agak tak sesuai untuk kanak2 bawah umur. 18 PL okeh...Cukup umur ke tak ni? Sila membaca dengan pengawasan orang yang lebih dewasa agar tak songsang pemahamannya..;P

Opss sorry, now dah takde 18SG, PL, or SX...Lembaga Penapisan Filem Negara dah batalkan all those words... bole baca kat sini...Cinema Rating...( kan free dapat ilmu baru...heee )


Well happened to be, I ni memang such 'magnet' for such people... pelik2 je orang2 yang datang mendekati. The best part is these kind of homosaphiens would love to throw all the stories to me from A-Z...Spill the beans dude! Orang2 yang mampu ku sumbat jadi cerita very soHarianMetro ni... and the latest most dramatic confession was.... being a 'GIGOLO' .... nak berguling2 gelak baca conversation tu. Biar benar? Hehe...

Let see the definition of it...-courtesy of freedictionary

n. pl. gig·o·los
1. A man who has a continuing sexual relationship with and receives financial support from a woman.
2. A man who is hired as an escort or a dancing partner for a woman.
[from French, back formation from gigolette girl for hire as a dancing partner, prostitute, from giguer to dance, from gigue a fiddle; compare gigot, gigue, jig]

Owh my, does he know what he was saying? So far as my knowledge , this type of guy always look for a rich woman, widow or something who can give you everything in sense of materialism beside being such a 'guy'. Not that looking after young girls, budak2 hingusan nak dijadikan mangsa? Do these 'kids' have what you want? Confuse kejap. Sedihnya kehidupan. I really can't brain this. BUT!! He claimed he only a 'Gigolo Online'...*ok pengsan 2 minutes...snap out of it Miss Enny. Statement berani mati ni. Ada plak spesis macam ni.....Beside of that, there is a another type 'we' created few times back.. 'Gigonyah'...Ok2 let me explain it in simple words.

Gigolo Online
A man who actually having intimating conversation via telephone, chatting or webcaming. 
- Favorites of all time he do but very the selective one...kononnya la. (nak juling bijik mata ha...sbb most of his selection are out of range...takde taste, janji bole layan... nages..T___T )

A man who has a continuing sexual relationship with and receives financial support from a woman AND partial woman (nyah la tu...awwww..mak xkuasa nyah..nak muntah hijau...) Erkk??

p/s:  Gigolo online & gigonyah tuh its own creation okeh...xde termaktub dalam mana2 dictionary tau..kang ada plak pegi cari dalam kamus mana2...credited to Mak & Mek Hanyam of Lord DarkDragon..hik3

Adik2, sila tutup mata, pekak kan telinga ye...heee~ Yeah all those types applied to the same person. Badut terhebat zaman ni. Without hesitation he doing such confession with me or just making up stories, I will never know though. Spesis sesumpah kan. If with other people must be the reaction of  'Euwwww' will coming up first. Hahaha~ Chill.. This is where you should know how to build magnifying firewall of death inside your brains and heart..kalau tak memang major destruction. Hehehe~ Take it as it just a part of attitude that bring a person to different latitude drown up to a another level of magnitude of life. Tau fikir baik buruknya kan? ;)

Such things does happened surround us. Either you going to meet up one person like this or not is your luck. Huh consider luck meh? No, I really hope so that you guys will not heading up to such circumstances or being one of the type up there. Don't spread the disease man. Tak takut penyakit ke? Please, we do have our own faith right, hold tight to it. Nowadays, God willing, HE just pay it up CASH! Be careful dear. Maybe not now, but soon or later, soon can be so soon, later can be not that later okey. Ever wonder? Where on earth I got to meet such people huh? Hehe~ Honest to be it's a bit tiring meeting such wrong people but heavenly yes, I put this thing like this... 

"Allah lebih mengetahui perjalanan cerita kehidupan ku, takdir tertulis dariNya, terpulang pada naluri hati mencorakkannya."

From this I learned how attitudes works for us being a complex human beings who hold thousand of secrets and lies. Well, this the ugly truth....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Brain merepekings :

Aaaa...chum!!! AGAIN!!! I am sooooo out of productivity today....Down giler!! Blablabla......All the monolog dalaman je. I feel so SICK! Saying of being condition going down to drain... (not sick of 'sick' tu- got what I mean?..uhh nvm, abaikan saje)..Plus its raining right now...o_0

Can't stop sneezing since morning! How bad it can be with addition of running nose in other hand...OMG! Hopefully I do not spreading the viruses around...lagi2 with this air-conditioned thingy. And yeah....this office can't even get colder hah? Dah cam gaya duduk kat Kutub Utara dah ni. Me? Already look like a eskimo girl who live in igloo....My cashmere pashmina not helping me feel warmer either. Dah bergelen2 air panas dah teguk ni. Now missing a sis who always took care of me..sometimes when she saw me like this..she will make air bunga kembang semangkuk just to make me feel better.

And of course, I miss my En.Senyum too. Sebab dia je yang slalu ngadap I macam ni.As he always turned up with I am so haywired. Ayat biasa dia.." You OK tak?"..the reaction I always gave to him...shook off my head and hide behind my thick shawls. He will sit down beside me and do his work without saying anything else. As if membantu je. But internally having him beside me does made me feel warmer in heart. (Ngada2 lebih..). He even wonder with me that always having flu issue but can take care of 4 furballs..ok pulak kan..xde bersin2 pun. Tu ikhlas namanya. (Shut up Enny!).... But now no more. Sad.. T_____T...Well, i guess when you sick, you tend to reminisce thing that suppose not to remember. Then mula merepek macam ni kan.. One hour to go...feel like 100 days to go.
Am so gonna off to sleep very2 super early tonight -back in KL for a moment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weird? I Like..

Notion try to interpret :

It's explained well right...;)

Playful Casting End with Real Shooting!

Brain adapting :

Blame Andrew for this!! (As what another 2 devilish thought me when you have nothing to say bout him..just say.."It's Andrew!) Hahaha. Tiba2 kan...hehehe~ Ok saje je intro mcm tu..To people who inside my FB list I guess you already saw this last night. Nyaris2 tak permergian gara2 hero Hindustan sorang tu MC plak.. Jangan nak was the one who initiated this dengan segala paksarela kena pegi 'casting' segala. Hayooo...Now nak migrain2 lak? Mmg saje nak kena sekeh kan...;P

All this started with a project, the office to create a corporate video and wallah..the email have blast away to all staff for a casting session for THIS!As usual, we tend to ignore such mails...malas kot.Huhu ;P Tapi! Oleh kerana yg tukang organized the casting session was one of my 'devil bersekutu'...bagi memenuh kan I am menyemakkan diri attending the casting.. Dekat office ni je dah kali kedua I'd done this...Haihh...Paksa rela jadinya..
Wonder how the casting is all about?

Well, during the casting itself
  • You have tell something about yourself in front of the camera. (If you ada stage fright, panick attack...mmg haru jugak la gagap jadinya...ahahah~ so cool je like you recording your own xbiasa kan...;P)
  • Then, you are requested to do 4 types of mimik muka...happy, sad, shock and scared. Automatically changed your mood. Memang berlakon habes la...hehe
  • The caster will ask you to turn around, turn on your right and turn your modelling stuff. duh~
  • Lastly, they will shoot pictures of yours from headshot to halfshot and fullshot. Motive this things to see how photogenic you are. *wink
See, without asking, they already created a profile of yourself. Tak payah register2 under agensi..our own agensi is KKM...stands for what? sila tanya diva Sidek...ahahah~ hopefully he didn't read this...hik3

And one fine day, got an email from the production house "Dear Enny, you've been selected for a role...blablaba..."( takkan nk copy paste email tu kat sini plak kan...heee) . Owh no!! What is this?? Main2 je kot pegi casting tu , now have to commit with this? Come on...Ish2....Naseb ada geng...Sebab from this office got 4 of us been selected to be interframe in SD CV. So layankan je...Hehe~

Originally date for the shooting suppose to be on 14th April 2012 from 430pm to 730pm but it been postponed to yesterday, 16th April right after our working hours..and it started at 730pm estimated end at 1130pm. Owh my......For few second things need four hours to work it out? Ok pengsan please. That are only initial assumption of us at the beginning.

It was kinda of awkward as the crew are more than the talent itself -huish 'talent'? That was what they called us. We have our own talent manager, wardrobe artist, makeup artist. Tetiba terasa kecut perut padahal bukan buat pe pun. Bukan suruh berlakon drama telenovela 251 episod non stop. ;P... The funny part all the crews can remembered our names perfectly. Cool! Pastu baru teringat memang la they can remember as they have our pic and profile.Huuu...

The shooting did went smooth. We even sempat main phone while waiting the crews to setup things and so on. Andrew sempat BBM kata 'boring gila babi'. Eleh mengada je...boring ke? Padahal dia la yang duduk depan sekali..interframe lebih nampk...Aah la you, I macam baru terperasan, you the only Indian guy among us. Ahahaha... Ok2, I terima you interframe lebih. Hahahah~ I was seating in second row di apit Cecilia, si comel and Iskandar yg agak kacak...Okey sempat lagi kau ni Cik Enny! Memang multiracial kitaorg ni..baru la corporate video kan..ngeee...

Basically it was a good experience though.. well dengan tak pasalnya we are now officially 'In House Talent'...kononnya. Mcm klakar je bunyi dia. Anything la kan, asalkan it stayed within the KKM. Dari orang perasan bajet retis kan...Opss..kak, is it I tuju to someone...? Takkan?? ;P

Ok2 dah...its a WRAP! All the crews are still working till today I'm suppose. Just to make sure all run within the schedule. For final touchup, I guess we have to wait till new financial year or our first Townhall for the year to see the full video ;))

Ini la Andrew, tukang paksa and also kena jd Talent ala2 Hero Hindustan..hik2
See?? We 'forced' to sign this! Payable job okeh..ahaha~
Part of the talents..that Cecilia from ABD & Iskandar - Group Strategy..sebelah I tu takyah kenal la..;P
Anything to do with us Motorians, this is our Manager...kah3..

Shy...With Own Excuses

Heart so shy:

It does always happen right? To much works!! To little time!! To heavy to study!! To many things to do!! Actually it just some of excuses..;0
Learn how to manage your time dear. Solat also can be a part of your perfect exercises. ;)...

Must be you guys ever crossed this cute lil video...It been using doodles and mind maping (teringat masa skolah je slalu buat mcm ni.) Kuddos to empunya pembikin video yang sgt cute ni but of cos its very informative...

Enjoy it peeps and hayatinya...^_^

Monday, April 16, 2012

Randomly Thought

Brain screening : 

Well, guessing this few months there are some randoms memories made me SMILE just thinking briefly about it. Especially about MARRIAGE.....Yeah let me highlighted there. You got to be kidding ha Enny. NOOOO!! ;p..It's the truth.

It first started on Feb, by someone randomly that I know who I called as my own personal 'darkdragon' version. Few met, breakevenly it just starting with a request by him to be a BFF - best friend forever! ( there such things ha..) but came a day he came back to me..."please be my BFF, my lover & my life partner"...and the funny parts when we in the middle mingling with those words, there were fireworks!!..What a drama! Haha~

Of cos I'm not end up with this person, some personal reasons that I'll keep to myself. Only things I can say, he doesn't know what his own saying though. Rebound time...You can use my shoulder to whine dear..

March?? Guess..again randomly approach by a person who I called as 'Cikgu'..haha~ It just to obvious what his occupation ha..;P.... He was quite daring asking for my number and so on but hell yeah..type of me very selective when meeting people (sebenarnya malas..) But yet I was giving him chance to text me. We do talks about things till one fine day, a golden question coming up.." Awak, awak sedia tak tuk jadi seorg isteri dan seorang ibu dalam masa setahun dua ni? "..OMG..I know where this heading to. He is having a nawaitu to make his future wife and planning to.

Please bare in mind, I don't even meet this guy yet. Such questions and thought came up just made me smile. I wonder how people can be just be so comfortable with me even you don't even know personally. Chill dude!

Here come Missy April! It just happened just now. This proposal came from my own Ex, who now became my friend for 10 years.."Ynne. JOM!..".Ha? "Kawen"... I was like dropping dead laughing out of this. Dreaming I guess. Haih...

Play some more, somebody are just waiting for knocking I'm supposed. Hehe~

Then tell me, why on earth I will not smiling all the time  when I have such memories stored in my head. Sorry peeps, I didn't bring it thru my heart yet.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Intelligence @ Beauty ?

Brain stalking my own heart :

I'd encountered a saying from long2 friend regarding how he described his previous significant other like for 10 years ago. Eh, bombastic sgt ayat significant other tu...EXes je sudah..Dia described macam ni :

1st Ex = Brain without Beauty ( confirmed nerd ni as he had told this girl dari sekolah berasrama penuh)
2nd Ex = Beauty without Brain ( huishh..nih spesis Bimbo ke apa? ;P)
3rd Ex = Beauty with Brain ( bunyi cam sempurna je kan...sape 3rd ex ni takyah tanya...hahah~ )

But well how you define 'Beauty' its all up the beholder. Ada orang kata cantik bila bermake-up 10 inci ( which is so much fake, silap hari bulan dah mcm tepung gomak jadinya), ada jugak orang kata cantik bila tau berbudi bahasa, menghormati orang lain (ini saya setuju!)..ada jugak orang kata cantik itu sangat subjektif..bole datang dari fizikalnya, emosinya, tatatutur bicaranya dan agamanya (ha, nih cam leh diam skit bila ada yg bg definisi begini...abstract sungguh ayat mu itu..heheh)..

Yang penting jangan cantik luarannya je, sebab kalau perangai or tutur kata Nauzubillah...orang kensel order jugak. Jadi mcm semak pemandangan, kan xmolek tu. Elok2 Tuhan bagi bonus muka tu cantik, body tu cantik jangan la take things for granted and riak takabur sangat. Perangai kena suci murni skit baru la lengkap definisi cantik tu.. Rasa2 mcm nk Tuhan rentap je balik bonus yang DIA bagi tu, sila2 la buat perangai 'elok' sangat tu. Jangan kata orang tak pernah nasihat tapi you all je suka pekak kan telinga. :)

Sometimes people are beautiful,
Not in looks,
Not in what they say,
Just in what they are

Quote to be share :

Beauty is only skin deep. If you go after someone just because she's beautiful but don't have anything to talk about, it's going to get boring fast. You want to look beyond the surface and see if you can have fun or if you have anything in common with this person.

p/s : so its your choice peeps how to define this and choose to be either one or be both..^_^

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stalker VS Stranger

Heart and brain need to sync :

Eeee...stalker gila!! Mcam mana you tau eh? Crazyy...Tau tak how pusing2 you make it, the things sampai kat telinga ni tau. Seems like you sgt interested to know people life ha. Ish2..Bleh tanya, what the heck that you got from this? Annoying la okeh..Debik kang!Huh..o_0

Haaa oleh kerana itu, hari ni mari kita belajar dua jenis perkataan ye adik2...STALKER & STRANGER. First of all mesti kena tau maksud dulu kan, nanti salah maksud penyampaiannya. Kang payah pulak. Meh kita tanya pakcik Google..

1. Stalker : a term commonly used to refer to unwanted and obsessive attention by an individual or group to another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person and/or monitoring them.

Layman term : ( Camne nak explain dlm BM sat 27 saat!..hermmm..ok2) Segala pergerakan diperhatikan, diambil kisah dan diberitahu...Wah kalah paparazi...huhu~

2. Stranger : a person or thing that is unknown or with whom one is unacquainted.

Layman term : Ha yang pasti bukan la Alien cik adik oi...xdenya extra mata, hidung ke telinga just sesorang yang memang tidak dikenali. Ala2 terserempak kat bus stop ke, station bus ke..yang main tegur2 dlm FB je...ha sikit lebih kurang la camtu gaya.

I rather to have a bump with a stranger than a stalker as being a stalker or the stalkee will create so much hazardous consumption..kata lainnya mendatangkan assumptions byk yg xbenar dari yang benar. Hishh. Cakap dengan stranger pun lagi baik tau. At least they will not judge anything sebab TERPAKSA dengar. heheh~ Oppss sorry babe..;P Emm..stalk tak mendatangkan pape kemudaratan takpe, leh buat taktau je buat2 xnmpk...buat hilang ingatan pun okey je tapi if sehingga jadi bahan cerita, bahan kutukan, bahan cacian kan xelok tu. Seronok ke main teka2 tentang hidup orang? Dengki khianat sgt ngn kelebihan org atau kekurangan untuk apa? I guess you really don't have a life for you own eh? Well, this is a piece of advice I can say it to you, 

" Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough" quoted by a sis.

Btw, stalk tu tak salah pun but don't overdo it. Stalking' is such a strong word, I like to call it 'intense research on an individual' by the way, you're out of milk ^_^ ... Ha kan bunyi lebih bereducated.. Hahah~ Stalk pun nk educated ke cik Enny? ;P

Friday, April 6, 2012

Faking/Camouflage or Split Identity?

Brain start stimulating :

Transmitting the info to be facts it's not easy. I wonder what gonna happen to you if this person really going to do this to you. I'm myself not sure what is the motif behind faking, camouflage in your own tiny world behind the scene. Or you just having split identity my dear friend?

Read this,

AKTA 588
Bab 2 – Kesalahan Dan Penalti Tambahan
Seksyen 233. Penggunaan tidak wajar kemudahan rangkaian atau perkhidmatan rangkaian, dll.
(1) Seseorang yang—
(a) dengan menggunakan mana-mana kemudahan rangkaian atau perkhidmatan rangkaian atau perkhidmatan aplikasi secara sedar—
(i) membuat, mewujudkan atau meminta-minta; dan
(ii) memulakan penghantaran,
apa-apa komen, permintaan, cadangan atau komunikasi lain yang lucah, sumbang, palsu, mengancam atau jelik sifatnya dengan niat untuk menyakitkan hati, menganiayai, mengugut atau mengganggu orang lain; atau
(b) memulakan suatu komunikasi dengan menggunakan mana-mana perkhidmatan aplikasi, sama ada secara berterusan, berulang kali atau selainnya, dan dalam masa itu komunikasi mungkin atau tidak mungkin berlaku, dengan atau tanpa mendedahkan identitinya dan dengan niat untuk menyakitkan hati, menganiayai, mengugut atau mengganggu mana-mana orang di mana-mana nombor atau alamat elektronik,
adalah melakukan suatu kesalahan—
(2) Seseorang yang secara sedar—
(a) dengan menggunakan suatu perkhidmatan rangkaian atau perkhidmatan aplikasi memberikan apa-apa komunikasi lucah bagi maksud komersial kepada mana-mana orang; atau
(b) membenarkan suatu perkhidmatan rangkaian atau perkhidmatan aplikasi di bawah kawalan orang itu untuk digunakan bagi suatu aktiviti yang diperihalkan dalam perenggan (a),
adalah melakukan suatu kesalahan.
(3) Seseorang yang melakukan suatu kesalahan di bawah seksyen ini apabila disabitkan boleh didenda tidak melebihi lima puluh ribu ringgit atau dipenjarakan selama tempoh tidak melebihi satu tahun atau kedua-duanya dan hendaklah juga boleh didenda selanjutnya satu ribu ringgit bagi setiap hari kesalahan itu diteruskan selepas pensabitan.

Be careful. This person have all the proof and witnesses to bring you down. Damage already been done. I think what in this person mind... 'It's PAY BACK time!'.

Be Nice, No Harm

Heart just saying :

Episod Baru Telenovela Kami

Brain can't stop giggling :

Mari2 dekat2 pakcik makcik, kakak abang , adik2...hik3..
OMG!! Sesubuhnya ku terjaga di hening pagi seawal 530am... terus capai telefon...dah ritual pun sebab alarm kat phone, how annoying it can be...o_0..Tup tgk ada barisan icon2 yg sungguh byk. SMS, Whatsapp, BBM, FB notifications...korg ni leh tak jangan msg time2 ku sedang beradu? Memang keesokan paginya la baru I baca.

Tengok SMS, kena baca sampai 2 3 kali...apa yang aku baca ni? Dari 2 senders yang berbeza, sorang with confession of making me as #futurewife and sorang lagi with pesanan pihak penaja.."dia kata he fall in love with you"...Yeah masyarakat, pekejadian cerita2 badut sarkas pepagi ni. Hahahah~

Pasal #futurewife ni, eventhough its a bit awkward, I can accept it as he is trying his best to express what he did feel for me. Magnet kau ni ntah pape betul la Enny..Hermm.. But perasaan tu kan anugerah Tuhan, I can't say it to him "You can't feel that way"..Itu bukan hak I. I'm so much appreciating it and take it as compliment sebab tetiba ada org syg kan even you don't even know me personally.
Tapi psl pesanan pihak penaja ni....I wonder...buang tebiat agaknya.... Out of nowhere nama I popped up again in your head eh? Plus you were lying that you lepak dengan I yesterday...What a funny story la dude.. Sedangkan I sedang galak la tgk wayang ha back to back with someone who make my day every single day. Ish2...Too bad, stupidity you melangkaui segala2nya...I feel for you..

Hik2...telenovela drama that I've been through nampak gayanya akan bersambung lagi untuk episod seterusnya but with different characters (sebab dah muncul nama2 baru..weee...I loikee). I will be only the narrator. Hahaha~  I am drafting a script with partner in crime kesayangan untuk telenovela ni.. Mana la tau akan ke layar perak...I and my partner nk jd penulis skrip je and pelakon extra je...;P

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Talam 2 Muka!!!!!

Brain analyzing :

Wee...tajuk macam emo je.. Taklah..seronok guna tanda seru tu bbyk..Hahaha~ Cuma tak faham atas dasar apa perlu bertalam 2 muka ni? Ingat kuih talam ke...itu pun sedap gak nak makan. Ke nak talam ala2 dulang tu? Haishh.

Meh bagi definisi dulu Talam Dua Muka ni apa?
Bermuka dua; mendua hati; munafik. (Peribahasa lain yang sama makna: a. Seperti sekelat muka dua, b. Seperti yu kia-kia: kepala yu ekor pari). -crdt to En.Google ;P

I guess I met few people like this before and yet I'm meeting up two again. Partner in crime terhebat punya. Tapi agak salah cara permainan yang korg buat coz it smell so fishy till I got the real chapter. Disebabkan I'm just so bored to layan all this nuts dramas, I tend to ignore it.

TILL!! Something, some facts knocked my sense sebab silap hari bulan it's gonna effect myself or people surround me. Motif?? Masih disiasat..Hermmm.. Tapi pastinya akan dijauhi orang2 begini.. Crazy lil mind.

Jangan macam2, sebab betapa bertalamnya muka awak2 ni, sepandai2 tupai melompat, nanti akan jatuh berdepik jugak kat tanah tu.. Masa tu jangan nangis dah. Tak larat nak dengar, tak larat nak layan. Sebab you gonna repeat whole thing again. Ya Allah, bosan amat! Nak dicerita ibarat mengaibkan orang, so sangat tak baik. So jangan buat Cik Enny! Cuma nak pesan..

Mess with me, I'll let karma do his job, mess with my 'family', I'll be the karma
Awasi la golongan camouflage ni, sebab mereka menjadi musuh kerana sifatnya menjadi gunting dalam lipatan, api dalam sekam, duri dalam daging, talam dua muka, gergaji dua mata, lidah dua bercabang, seperti sesumpah atau dalam bahasa Arabnya ia mudah dikenali sebagai munafiq. Been reading from somewhere about this issue. Sedangkan ia juga terjadi pada Rasulullah S.A.W apa la lagi pada kita manusia biasa ni.

"Nabi S.A.W pernah memberikan peringatan kepada umatnya yang berjuang tentang kewujudan makhluk ini sebagaimana maksudnya,"Sesungguhnya suatu yang paling ditakuti terhadap apa yang aku takut menimpa ummatku ialah semua munafiqin yang petah lidahnya".
Orang munafiq petah menatah bicara dan mengemukakan alasan guna mewajarkan apa jua tindakan mereka. Sesekali mereka menampilkan diri melalui perwatakan yang meyakinkan bahawa mereka adalah pejuang yang tulen dan berhak dihormati serta disanjungi. Sedang segalanya adalah palsu dan hipokrit. "

OMG! The statement were so much true. As their acts are so convincing and their words so full with empathy tapi rupa2nya SESUMPAH! MasyaAllah...

I'm suppose orang macam ni mmg layak jadi Two Face. Tengok cerita Batman surely tau watak apa ni..

Two Face : Obsessed with luck and duality, good and evil, one and two, the criminal mastermind known as Two-Face is among both the greatest and most tragic of Batman’s foes - sungguh kena watak ni dengan 'sesumpah2' ni..;P

Well peeps, just be extra careful okey. They can break your heart but hold your soul. Believe in ONE. Not worth it you keep mingle with such people. DITCH! ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Travel Plan Yang Tertunda!

Brain hardly want :

Europe trip! Europe trip! have to tunda sampai ke sudah.. Kata lainnya until further notice. So many things blocking the way. Agaknya suruh pegi Umrah dulu kot with my parents.. Hee~ akan dipikir2kan..

But foremost, harus lah ke Labuan dulu as Kasha is there > then Brunei as Yen is there (warga2 Melayu klasik katanya -menarik for photo collections and paling best punya invitation > Manchester!!! Kak Farina is bole ajak Abang Ijat and the geng...(korang kan rajin nak tengok MU!) hehe~

When seeing such pictures, it is been a while I didn't touch my DSLR & SNAP. Editing lagi jangan citer la sampai expired dah my Groupon coupon of doing junior photobook. 5 sets of it!!! See cik Enny membazir lagi..Down!

Please2 Mr. Mojo Jojo...return back my mojo...I want to have fun like before. Seeing new place, new people, new culture, new skills...I NEED THAT! Bosan la stucked in stupid dramas here and there. It drives me nuts...bleh buat citer the Nutcracker dah ni...Please nice to me okeh...;)

Hye April!

Notion speaking :

Phew! April?? How fast time flies..Pejam celik pejam celik #awkward..Well never mind, we will never manage to turn back time right...? So move on. Here some words for you peeps..Janji ngn I senyum okey..^_^

Go through everyday knowing and believing that you are wonderful. That you are made in God's image and likeness and that you are here on this eart for a reason. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Stand up for what you believe in and who you are. Don't let society shape you : shape society. Be faithful. 
Be you.