Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Travel Plan Yang Tertunda!

Brain hardly want :

Europe trip! Europe trip! have to tunda sampai ke sudah.. Kata lainnya until further notice. So many things blocking the way. Agaknya suruh pegi Umrah dulu kot with my parents.. Hee~ akan dipikir2kan..

But foremost, harus lah ke Labuan dulu as Kasha is there > then Brunei as Yen is there (warga2 Melayu klasik katanya -menarik for photo collections and paling best punya invitation > Manchester!!! Kak Farina is bole ajak Abang Ijat and the geng...(korang kan rajin nak tengok MU!) hehe~

When seeing such pictures, it is been a while I didn't touch my DSLR & SNAP. Editing lagi jangan citer la sampai expired dah my Groupon coupon of doing junior photobook. 5 sets of it!!! See cik Enny membazir lagi..Down!

Please2 Mr. Mojo Jojo...return back my mojo...I want to have fun like before. Seeing new place, new people, new culture, new skills...I NEED THAT! Bosan la stucked in stupid dramas here and there. It drives me nuts...bleh buat citer the Nutcracker dah ni...Please nice to me okeh...;)

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