Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weird Confession!!

Brain stucked :

Ayoo what is this?
Dear Mr.Tabloid, you really jeopardizing my neutrons…..polluted, suffocated with all bad things. Lari my ‘mojo jojo’ ha. Wheew..But yeah while breakfasting with my lady boss, what else to read.....full of unnecessarily news..bak kata my mem gojes - soHarianMetro! ahahah~ ooppss tersebut nama tabloid tu eh? ;P  It became a habit to read from back to front (apply only to newspaper, books xleh la…len macam dah ceritanya..) Macam xde cerita yang memberansangkan otak. All the stories make as if Malaysia are so full of ‘sick’ people…Owh man…that are so pathetic..Kesian taw. Ish3 

But….it does trigger me to something…yang nyaris we ala2 ‘Charlie Angels’ kat sini nak submit an article to them….sebab kisah satu makhluk ni mmg layak masuk this type of tabloid…Leh jadi heading lagi…Ganas! Sure laku more than 4 million readers la…Ahahah~ 


Bacaan seterusnya agak tak sesuai untuk kanak2 bawah umur. 18 PL okeh...Cukup umur ke tak ni? Sila membaca dengan pengawasan orang yang lebih dewasa agar tak songsang pemahamannya..;P

Opss sorry, now dah takde 18SG, PL, or SX...Lembaga Penapisan Filem Negara dah batalkan all those words... bole baca kat sini...Cinema Rating...( kan free dapat ilmu baru...heee )


Well happened to be, I ni memang such 'magnet' for such people... pelik2 je orang2 yang datang mendekati. The best part is these kind of homosaphiens would love to throw all the stories to me from A-Z...Spill the beans dude! Orang2 yang mampu ku sumbat jadi cerita very soHarianMetro ni... and the latest most dramatic confession was.... being a 'GIGOLO' .... nak berguling2 gelak baca conversation tu. Biar benar? Hehe...

Let see the definition of it...-courtesy of freedictionary

n. pl. gig·o·los
1. A man who has a continuing sexual relationship with and receives financial support from a woman.
2. A man who is hired as an escort or a dancing partner for a woman.
[from French, back formation from gigolette girl for hire as a dancing partner, prostitute, from giguer to dance, from gigue a fiddle; compare gigot, gigue, jig]

Owh my, does he know what he was saying? So far as my knowledge , this type of guy always look for a rich woman, widow or something who can give you everything in sense of materialism beside being such a 'guy'. Not that looking after young girls, budak2 hingusan nak dijadikan mangsa? Do these 'kids' have what you want? Confuse kejap. Sedihnya kehidupan. I really can't brain this. BUT!! He claimed he only a 'Gigolo Online'...*ok pengsan 2 minutes...snap out of it Miss Enny. Statement berani mati ni. Ada plak spesis macam ni.....Beside of that, there is a another type 'we' created few times back.. 'Gigonyah'...Ok2 let me explain it in simple words.

Gigolo Online
A man who actually having intimating conversation via telephone, chatting or webcaming. 
- Favorites of all time he do but very the selective one...kononnya la. (nak juling bijik mata ha...sbb most of his selection are out of range...takde taste, janji bole layan... nages..T___T )

A man who has a continuing sexual relationship with and receives financial support from a woman AND partial woman (nyah la tu...awwww..mak xkuasa nyah..nak muntah hijau...) Erkk??

p/s:  Gigolo online & gigonyah tuh its own creation okeh...xde termaktub dalam mana2 dictionary tau..kang ada plak pegi cari dalam kamus mana2...credited to Mak & Mek Hanyam of Lord DarkDragon..hik3

Adik2, sila tutup mata, pekak kan telinga ye...heee~ Yeah all those types applied to the same person. Badut terhebat zaman ni. Without hesitation he doing such confession with me or just making up stories, I will never know though. Spesis sesumpah kan. If with other people must be the reaction of  'Euwwww' will coming up first. Hahaha~ Chill.. This is where you should know how to build magnifying firewall of death inside your brains and heart..kalau tak memang major destruction. Hehehe~ Take it as it just a part of attitude that bring a person to different latitude drown up to a another level of magnitude of life. Tau fikir baik buruknya kan? ;)

Such things does happened surround us. Either you going to meet up one person like this or not is your luck. Huh consider luck meh? No, I really hope so that you guys will not heading up to such circumstances or being one of the type up there. Don't spread the disease man. Tak takut penyakit ke? Please, we do have our own faith right, hold tight to it. Nowadays, God willing, HE just pay it up CASH! Be careful dear. Maybe not now, but soon or later, soon can be so soon, later can be not that later okey. Ever wonder? Where on earth I got to meet such people huh? Hehe~ Honest to be it's a bit tiring meeting such wrong people but heavenly yes, I put this thing like this... 

"Allah lebih mengetahui perjalanan cerita kehidupan ku, takdir tertulis dariNya, terpulang pada naluri hati mencorakkannya."

From this I learned how attitudes works for us being a complex human beings who hold thousand of secrets and lies. Well, this the ugly truth....

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