Monday, April 16, 2012

Randomly Thought

Brain screening : 

Well, guessing this few months there are some randoms memories made me SMILE just thinking briefly about it. Especially about MARRIAGE.....Yeah let me highlighted there. You got to be kidding ha Enny. NOOOO!! ;p..It's the truth.

It first started on Feb, by someone randomly that I know who I called as my own personal 'darkdragon' version. Few met, breakevenly it just starting with a request by him to be a BFF - best friend forever! ( there such things ha..) but came a day he came back to me..."please be my BFF, my lover & my life partner"...and the funny parts when we in the middle mingling with those words, there were fireworks!!..What a drama! Haha~

Of cos I'm not end up with this person, some personal reasons that I'll keep to myself. Only things I can say, he doesn't know what his own saying though. Rebound time...You can use my shoulder to whine dear..

March?? Guess..again randomly approach by a person who I called as 'Cikgu'..haha~ It just to obvious what his occupation ha..;P.... He was quite daring asking for my number and so on but hell yeah..type of me very selective when meeting people (sebenarnya malas..) But yet I was giving him chance to text me. We do talks about things till one fine day, a golden question coming up.." Awak, awak sedia tak tuk jadi seorg isteri dan seorang ibu dalam masa setahun dua ni? "..OMG..I know where this heading to. He is having a nawaitu to make his future wife and planning to.

Please bare in mind, I don't even meet this guy yet. Such questions and thought came up just made me smile. I wonder how people can be just be so comfortable with me even you don't even know personally. Chill dude!

Here come Missy April! It just happened just now. This proposal came from my own Ex, who now became my friend for 10 years.."Ynne. JOM!..".Ha? "Kawen"... I was like dropping dead laughing out of this. Dreaming I guess. Haih...

Play some more, somebody are just waiting for knocking I'm supposed. Hehe~

Then tell me, why on earth I will not smiling all the time  when I have such memories stored in my head. Sorry peeps, I didn't bring it thru my heart yet.

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