Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Brain merepekings :

Aaaa...chum!!! AGAIN!!! I am sooooo out of productivity today....Down giler!! Blablabla......All the monolog dalaman je. I feel so SICK! Saying of being condition going down to drain... (not sick of 'sick' tu- got what I mean?..uhh nvm, abaikan saje)..Plus its raining right now...o_0

Can't stop sneezing since morning! How bad it can be with addition of running nose in other hand...OMG! Hopefully I do not spreading the viruses around...lagi2 with this air-conditioned thingy. And yeah....this office can't even get colder hah? Dah cam gaya duduk kat Kutub Utara dah ni. Me? Already look like a eskimo girl who live in igloo....My cashmere pashmina not helping me feel warmer either. Dah bergelen2 air panas dah teguk ni. Now missing a sis who always took care of me..sometimes when she saw me like this..she will make air bunga kembang semangkuk just to make me feel better.

And of course, I miss my En.Senyum too. Sebab dia je yang slalu ngadap I macam ni.As he always turned up with I am so haywired. Ayat biasa dia.." You OK tak?"..the reaction I always gave to him...shook off my head and hide behind my thick shawls. He will sit down beside me and do his work without saying anything else. As if membantu je. But internally having him beside me does made me feel warmer in heart. (Ngada2 lebih..). He even wonder with me that always having flu issue but can take care of 4 furballs..ok pulak kan..xde bersin2 pun. Tu ikhlas namanya. (Shut up Enny!).... But now no more. Sad.. T_____T...Well, i guess when you sick, you tend to reminisce thing that suppose not to remember. Then mula merepek macam ni kan.. One hour to go...feel like 100 days to go.
Am so gonna off to sleep very2 super early tonight -back in KL for a moment.

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