Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Playful Casting End with Real Shooting!

Brain adapting :

Blame Andrew for this!! (As what another 2 devilish thought me when you have nothing to say bout him..just say.."It's Andrew!) Hahaha. Tiba2 kan...hehehe~ Ok saje je intro mcm tu..To people who inside my FB list I guess you already saw this last night. Nyaris2 tak permergian gara2 hero Hindustan sorang tu MC plak.. Jangan nak mengada...you was the one who initiated this dengan segala paksarela kena pegi 'casting' segala. Hayooo...Now nak migrain2 lak? Mmg saje nak kena sekeh kan...;P

All this started with a project, meeting..blablabla..in the office to create a corporate video and wallah..the email have blast away to all staff for a casting session for THIS!As usual, we tend to ignore such mails...malas kot.Huhu ;P Tapi! Oleh kerana yg tukang organized the casting session was one of my 'devil bersekutu'...bagi memenuh kan korum..here I am menyemakkan diri attending the casting.. Dekat office ni je dah kali kedua I'd done this...Haihh...Paksa rela jadinya..
Wonder how the casting is all about?

Well, during the casting itself
  • You have tell something about yourself in front of the camera. (If you ada stage fright, panick attack...mmg haru jugak la gagap jadinya...ahahah~ so cool je like you recording your own video..cam xbiasa kan...;P)
  • Then, you are requested to do 4 types of mimik muka...happy, sad, shock and scared. Automatically changed your mood. Memang berlakon habes la...hehe
  • The caster will ask you to turn around, turn on your right and turn your left...like modelling stuff. duh~
  • Lastly, they will shoot pictures of yours from headshot to halfshot and fullshot. Motive this things to see how photogenic you are. *wink
See, without asking, they already created a profile of yourself. Tak payah register2 under agensi..our own agensi is KKM...stands for what? sila tanya diva Sidek...ahahah~ hopefully he didn't read this...hik3

And one fine day, got an email from the production house "Dear Enny, you've been selected for a role...blablaba..."( takkan nk copy paste email tu kat sini plak kan...heee) . Owh no!! What is this?? Main2 je kot pegi casting tu , now have to commit with this? Come on...Ish2....Naseb ada geng...Sebab from this office got 4 of us been selected to be interframe in SD CV. So layankan je...Hehe~

Originally date for the shooting suppose to be on 14th April 2012 from 430pm to 730pm but it been postponed to yesterday, 16th April right after our working hours..and it started at 730pm estimated end at 1130pm. Owh my......For few second things need four hours to work it out? Ok pengsan please. That are only initial assumption of us at the beginning.

It was kinda of awkward as the crew are more than the talent itself -huish 'talent'? That was what they called us. We have our own talent manager, wardrobe artist, makeup artist. Tetiba terasa kecut perut padahal bukan buat pe pun. Bukan suruh berlakon drama telenovela 251 episod non stop. ;P... The funny part all the crews can remembered our names perfectly. Cool! Pastu baru teringat memang la they can remember as they have our pic and profile.Huuu...

The shooting did went smooth. We even sempat main phone while waiting the crews to setup things and so on. Andrew sempat BBM kata 'boring gila babi'. Eleh mengada je...boring ke? Padahal dia la yang duduk depan sekali..interframe lebih nampk...Aah la you, I macam baru terperasan, you the only Indian guy among us. Ahahaha... Ok2, I terima you interframe lebih. Hahahah~ I was seating in second row di apit Cecilia, si comel and Iskandar yg agak kacak...Okey sempat lagi kau ni Cik Enny! Memang multiracial kitaorg ni..baru la corporate video kan..ngeee...

Basically it was a good experience though.. well dengan tak pasalnya we are now officially 'In House Talent'...kononnya. Mcm klakar je bunyi dia. Anything la kan, asalkan it stayed within the KKM. Dari orang perasan bajet retis kan...Opss..kak, is it I tuju to someone...? Takkan?? ;P

Ok2 dah...its a WRAP! All the crews are still working till today I'm suppose. Just to make sure all run within the schedule. For final touchup, I guess we have to wait till new financial year or our first Townhall for the year to see the full video ;))

Ini la Andrew, tukang paksa and also kena jd Talent ala2 Hero Hindustan..hik2
See?? We 'forced' to sign this! Payable job okeh..ahaha~
Part of the talents..that Cecilia from ABD & Iskandar - Group Strategy..sebelah I tu takyah kenal la..;P
Anything to do with us Motorians, this is our Manager...kah3..

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