Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Hate You That Much Ha?

Heart sulking :

But brain said "Jangan ngada2 lah.."...Small the matter.

Well seeing someone who be with someone that been ignored before...kinda funny though. Up to the extend, this 'someone' tends to ditch all the friends. Yeah sape la kami ni kan?? Hehe~ Therefore don't comment much about a person; end up you being with him/her. Erk..orang kata "cakap tak serupa bikin la"...Huu -applying to myself too -but I know this person for ages, if I end up with him pun- I must said it's faith right. LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP!

Sometimes my best choice is to keep silent. 
Because I know if I try to explain myself, people wouldn't get it anyways.

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