Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 25 - Treasure Hunt in A BAG!

Brain draining :

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

Huish dah pepetang camni nak maghrib dah sat gi memang otak dah tepu sikit. Di kala menanti putera raja celah mana nth nak tiba kul 815pm nanti (takde lambat lagi awak nak tiba ke? keras duk ofis lelama tau) Makanya kita get thru lagi satu task for today!!..

What thing in my bag?? Takde pe pun lah yang korang leh cari. Huhuhu~ Jum tengok apa ada..

1. Dorothy Perkins wristlet - isi perut ada Compact Powder Bobbi Brown, Silkygirl Liquid Eyeliner, pins & contact lenses container.
2. Coach wristlet - takyah mention la pe ada dlm tu kan (ganti wallet sbb saya malas bwk bnda bulky2 ni..hee)
3. Office tag - obviously!! If not camne nak kluar masuk office hari2..huhu~
4. House keys - segala kunci mak nenek ada kat situ. Hari2 kena bawak if not tak masuk rumah la jawabnya. Bunyi je loceng kat pagar tu..;P
5. Blackberry - Huh, memang tentu2 takde dlm pic sebab BB yang duk snap pix ni..heheh~

Basically memang ada tu je harta karun dalam beg I. Tak caya? Ada time2 dia je ada macam2 dalam tu, books ke, my Galaxy Tab ke, surat2 'cinta' ke...chocolates & air kotak - apply on special time je (Boleh plak kan? hahahah~ )

Ok dah2. Maghrib dah..Jum solat and nak turun bawah dah tunggu kereta kuda sampai. Lambat no supir ku sorg ni..;P Opppss sorry syg. ;P

Day 24 - Letter for Parento ❤

Heart sobbing :

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Belum tulis dah sob..sob...drama tul..heee...~ ok2 serius business...

Dear Ayahanda & Bonda,

Di sini anakanda ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk meluahkan isi hati perut ..Hishh (dah macam jawab paper BM Julai je plak ni...) Change2 mode.

Mak Abah,
I am writing this live from my office (huish nampak sangat takde kejenya..-curik time ah..tepu tgk BMC tu). Just nak cakap how I always miss you guys. Time2 keje pun bole fikir lagi2 time cuti skolah ni Mak Abah memang sangat relax je..Ntah apa buat kat rumah tu than monitoring those contractor reno belakang rumah tu. Ha surely tengah layan drama Korea yang berpuluh2 episod tu kan..Just two of you. How romantika de amor!;P

I've been staying with you guys since 27 years 7 months and more to come till I be pass to other people (kawen la tuh...jadi hak mutlak terpelihara orang lain). And always become your lil daughter right. Curfew memanjang. Ahaha~ Sorry hari tu balik kul 330 pagi. Memang disengajakan sbb thought you okey with that but rupanya both of you were worried sick about me sampai can't sleep a bit till I safely infront of our home. Tsk tsk ...ampun..

To Abah, I perfectly know you bit fond to me (not bias- yeah I'm the only girl and always be his baby girl..huu jenuh nak macam2 ni). If you not seeing me one whole day, surely gonna get phone call yang berjuta till I pick up kan..Baru2 ni I just got to know from my bro when you commented how diff we are masa kecik till now. Rupanya, you keep seeing our kiddos pic when you can't see us all at home -every single day. You miss us. (tetiba rasa sangat sebak :') )

To Mak, you being such an awesome mum. Cool some more bila bole geng dengar cerita anak dia yang sorg ni psl macam2 orang. Agaknya mak pun konpius sudah which name, which person. Ooopss, takpe tolong dengar pun okey je. I really3 okey Mak - she always risau when people get close to me tapi takmo tunjuk sbb dah biasa sangat tengok anak yang sorg ni gi 'perang' sesorang. Wonder how you react when one day I'll be take care but someone else called as my other half. (One thing I can't bare is seeing you crying).

No worries Mak Abah, my responsibilities towards you never stop. I'll do it till my last breath. If I can change my life with you, I'll do that too. Thanks for loving me, thanks for always trusting me, thanks for raising me to such a bit 'mental' person - meaning being happy with no reasons - thanks to them la yang memang rajin gurau saje kat rumah tu.

Last but not least, I love you so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤(Cliche sgt..huhu~)


Anakanda mu,
Enny ❤

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 23 - Craviness to Crazyness

Brain drilling :

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot

As my mood so swing2 this morning...I really2 need THIS! Craving much..suh dia la load my stock again. Huhu~

Tuh baru satu! I need an escapade....feel so tired and need to fragment again my brains, my heart, my souls...Shushhh all those 'parasite'..Craviness for GREECE! Why Greece? Ntah it just with no reason.

I want THIS!! Limited edition. Surely takde kat Malaysia. Down!

And.... I need this! Can't wait for I memang need this as my perfume of Petite Cherie & Midnight Fantasy almost to the last dot..Huuuu~

All pic courtesy of En. Google kesayangan... Crazy!!!

So "Techy" Husband 1.0

Brain adapting:

While my mood no so-so this morning, plus with the very cloudy...owh raining some more + nak kena layan orang beremosi plak pepagi ni. Mr. MOJO JOJO I need you back right here right now before ada yang tukar jadi raksasa hijau ni karang.

Ping! Eh kuat plak bunyi email ni masuk. Seminit nak baca jap!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Aduhai la sectary yang duk sebelah I ni duk hantar email lawak plak. Terus tak jadi muka stress dah...;P


A woman writes to the IT Technical support Guy

Dear Tech Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and I noticed a distinct slowdown in the overall system performance, particularly in the flower and jewellery applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed undesirable programs such as NEWS 5.0, MONEY 3.0  and CRICKET 4.1.

Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system.

Please note that I have tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail.

What can I do?

______ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________


DEAR  Madam,

First, keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system.

Please enter command: ithoughtyoulovedme. html and try to download Tears 6.2 and do not forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update. If that application works as designed, Husband 1.0  should then automatically run the applications Jewellery 2.0  and Flowers 3.5..

However, remember, overuse of the above application can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Silence 2.5 or Beer 6.1. Please note that Beer 6.1 is a very bad program that will download the Snoring Loudly Beta.

Whatever you do, DO NOT under any circumstances install Mother-In-Law 1.0  (it runs a virus in the background that will eventually seize control of all your system resources.)

In addition, please do not attempt to reinstall the Boyfriend 5.0  program. These are unsupported applications and will crash Husband 1.0.

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly. You might consider buying additional software to improve memory and performance. We recommend: Cooking 3.0 and Hot Looks 7.7.

Good Luck Madam!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 22 - Me Difference

Brain stimulating :

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Owh I ada extra 2 psg mata. Ha, don't play2. I nampak pe you buat blakang I okeh. Ahaha~ Nak lain sgt kan!
Physically sama je mcm homo saphiens yang lain ada spasang mata spasang telinga, satu hidung ( first dgr org komen hidung cam Zizan. what??) Literallynya, I macam orang lain je..masih sempurna fizikalnya, emosinya, rohaninya...InsyaAllah. Ada yang diff ke?? Herrmmmm (deep thinking)

I think diff psl I, maybe my move hardly to read kot. For you, yang ada intention nk buat scene drama hindustan kat ofis ni...don't even have a single thought on it. I would not entertain as you expecting. Sorryyyyy not interested!

NOW to get to me, there are many lapisan for you to get through. Thanks for dearest friends, Devilish bertiga, 'pillars', 'pelangi' and #futureotherhalf. Terasa di sayangi, dilindungi...sebab they saw who I am. They know who I am.

I'm not popular, but I have nice friends. I'm not rich, but Alhamdulillah, I have what I need. I may not be liked by everyone, but I know I'm loved.

Ha! So diffnye saya ada raaaamai BODYGUARDS!! You ada?? ;P


Sangat adorable kan....this how I comforting myself up. Looking at good pictures especially babies. Soothing... This pictures from LensaMama...Supernice!! Nanti I have my own baby, am so going to have them as my photog too.. Ooppss tak lupa En.Soulfiqri...I hire you jd my personal photog eh...Hik2...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 21 - Something Makes Me Happy!

Brain motivated :

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

Ha! Mmg size Galaxy Notes you kan!!! Creative bebenor ngn love2 dia tu..ahahah~

Duk belek2 pic2 dr phone ni terperasan this one pic. Terus sengih sesorg. Pe masalah kau ni Cik Enny? Padahal baru je Whatsapping mamat ni td. Haiyaa. Setiap kali got his text memang make me jumpy!.. AHAHA~ Screen capture ni sent by him sebab apa ye? Pun macam ingat2 lupa. Owh ada la kisah2 yang terpaksa kami rahsiakan...screen Whatsapp ku la yang jd mangsa belas kasihan nak dengar citer meroyan nye. ok2 sorry2...I xabes gelakkan you la Kiff...;P

Ala you pun slalu menjadi mangsa jeritan batin I, tak kira you kat mana kan...route Afghanistan you ke, Israel you ke...once you get back...mesti soklan standard.. "You OK?"...Kadang2 soklan you tu dah basi la Kiff...ahahah~ Macam xbiasa ketahuan I sedih sedannya 2 jam je pastu kembali lak reply I nye whatsapp tu 2 hari kemudian or 2 minggu kemudian...Sadis jugak gayanya tu...Heee...

Siap buat collage. ahaha~ Pic you yang cam Adun tu nth mana nth I letak..ahaha
Ha, sblum di assume mcm2.. En.Muhammad Akiff ni is one my bestest friends ever, dia la kawan, dia la sahabat, dia la abang (huh abang sangat, sama baya kot..ceyhh), dia la teman mengarut, dia la jd tempat sedih sedan, dia la teman gosip kekadang, dia jugak la teman meroyan together2...owh cannot go ayat meroyan tu... dan juga...baca ni bebetul...dia ada tunang kesygn Cik Mas. Huhu~ Kalau biasa baca or dgr I mentioned En.Pilot di FB, blog, Twitter, BBM...ini la orangnya... Owh jgn pecaya dlm pix tu, gedik lebih pix ngn lambang MAS...awak tu SIA okey. Duk dediam kat Singapore tu..huhu~

This is a friend created from dr zaman tok kadok iaitu Myspace, so leh wat mathematic sndri berapa lama dah kitaorg berkwn. Hilang camne pun leh cari balik. Miracle weyh! Thanks di atas effort anda..Salute spring ooo... ahaha~ Tapi kan ada satu rahsia psl dia ni...(Akiff, I tau u akan baca menatang ni jugak....suspen x I nak bocorkan rahsia apa?) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ Memang seboleh2nya nk gelak jaat dah ni.. ingat I nak bgtau apa...;P

(Motif Caps Lock segala?? hahaha~ tuh namanya pemberitahuan...hik3)

Dia la orang paling risau bila I jump into any relationship. Huuu..." I taknk tgk you heartbroken lagi". Itu memang sentiasa jadi pesanan pihak penaja dia. Aduhai. Jangan buat I rasa nak nages kat sini bole tak? Dah la jauh...Sob..sob..sob..

Ye I sentiasa ingat pesanan you. Tak sedih2, jangan tak menyempat sgt nk sayang orang, jaga diri, senyum je slalu, and you slalu ada untuk I...KAWAN SAMPAI MATI.

Now I memang rasa nak nages..You mesti tgh gelak guling2 baca ni kan.. Pedulik hape I..Langgar ngan beskal kang..Bluwekk..

Day 20 - My Other Half??

Heart sickening:

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Again?? Soklan membunuh la ni...Takmo jawab boleh?
Boleh tgh2 men Tumblr, this pic came up! Macam tau2 nk kena jwb soalan spesis ni..aduhai
Ha, pilih la mana satu. So I can just put one of them punya nama print on my wedding card. Ahahaha~ Memang tak la kan...;P

Well then, putting a name mmg I'm soooo not going to put in. It's not I'm not believing in this person, yet I'm just respecting the privacy of it. Huuu....
I just can say I see myself marrying a really superb guy sebab he the only one who can managed mine unscheduled mood and attitude yang leh men tukar2 dlm masa one second. Pening tak? Hehe~ A person who I can called as my Man, not a doesn't need pretty boy then. ;)


Jodoh tuh kan rahsia Tuhan. PercaturanNya indah. Cepat atau lambat, pasti ada tingkahnya. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

SDFC VS Kelantan!!! Go SDFC!!

Heart loyalty :

SDFC vs Kelantan
19 May 2012
8.45 pm
Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil

Padahal dah habes pun..It's been a week dah pun. Saje nak bagi citer basi Enny ni...heheh...Even my pic profile in FB still using the customized jersey (Memang confirm takde orang nak main add2 with no reason...ahahah). Pecah rekod tak pernah2 I nak pegi stadium for the sake of watching football match.And THANKS A LOT (hamik kau Caps Lock terus) my Devilish...mmg syaiton2nirajim dorg ni hasutan dan paksaan untuk pergi support!! And love much the jersey!! Excited lebih..

my fav pic through out the event!! ;D
Ha, yang specialnya, only 5 of us ada this kind of jersey with our own name and numbers. Memang mendatangkan kejelesan yang tepu pada yg berkenaan ataupun yang tidak berkenaan..ahahah~

MHO with Hertz people..
Sume pun nak kena org tlg buatkan...Mulut dia bising je
Scene buat2..pdahal both are our people!
US! The Devilish..u mess with one, u mess with other 3.. try la..
Being the minor there, hu memang rasa dupdap...suspens jugak ni as been surrounded by lautan manusia yang kaler merah, rupa dah macam2, yang x macam orang pun ada tapi ku abaikan saje. Bodyguard kiri kanan ma...;P... Masa seating pun nyaris2 mendatangkan pergaduhan..Our seats patutnya warga2 SD tapi dah dijajah oleh warga2 tak patut. Sudahnya ke tangga ke kitaorg duduk. Haih...Tapi layan je. We cool!
Jujurnya, game agak bosan disitu, pastuh banyak drama plak tu, men guling2 atas padang...Haiyaa...nak guling2 balik rumah la..Ish..
Tapi actually we had fun je. Ahahah~ And the result were....

SDFC  0    vs Kelantan 1

Noted : 1 tu pun sebab penalti je..huh...( read some comments from FB, 'hekleh bg anak aku tendang pun confirm leh masuk gak'...ok no komen disitu..;P)

After match, of course we dah tahap kebulur...heading to Pelita, Bangsar. Agak tak reti nak balik disitu...ahaha~ Again! Pelita pulak jd mangsa conquer kitaorg..Depan belakang Kelantanese supporters.Erk?? But hey, kata Satu Malaysia right. hehe~ 

Well, then as remembered all of us went back like 330 am in the morning..Wuuuu...But ada jugak manusia2 yg lepak dkt Chill Out, Subang Parade tu bertapa sampai ke subuh melayan Championship League..Homaii....nak tdo bole tak? ;P...

p/s : This was the night, ada orang cuba tabur 'bunga2 cinta'... Daring habes....keep on trying dear. If you pass my other 3, then we'll figure out something..Hehehe .

Crazy Road Trip (Malacca)- Devilish Version

Brain giggling:

Astaga. Hilang 4-4! Report police please!. Hey2...kitaorg tak hilang la...huhu..

16 May 2012 - Dilaporkan kehilangan 4 orang yang menggelar diri mereka Devilish MHO dari kawasan kejadian secara tetiba.2 jam kemudian, mereka dijejaki berada di Papa Kaya, Digital Mall Subang Jaya. Seterusnya, melalui detection satelit, kini mereka berada di Bandaraya Melaka. What???

Ahahaha~ okey2, tak best betul bunyi write up dalam newspaper ha. Memang sengaja perap citer ni bagi basi sikit supaya orang tak bising2 dah mana kitaorg hilang..Heee...Orang sebuk bekerja, kitaorg sebuk pegi road trip balik hari. Hyeepp, we were officially on leave on this particular date. Applied cuti sesiap dah. ;P Patutnya we suppose to have our studio photoshoot with EyeStudio tapi as usual last minute 360 degree changing plan, out of town we chose. All this just for our 'wise bro' surprise birthday celebration. Surprise la sesangat.. tapi berjaya jugak la buat abang yang sorang tu blur2 spider, maklumlah baru balik dari Phuket kan...nak kata jet lag mmg over la tu kan..Thai je pun. Hahaha~ Sepanjang on the road kat highway tu, he kept on asking we we heading to?? KLIA, nak amik tiket flight..zasss we fly somewhere. Tak abes2 we were playing around with that facts. Sorry Abg Ijat...xsurprise la nnt. ;P

Finally tghari jugak la baru we arrived. Dah tentu la at this time our bro dah tau where were we. Slalunya orang datang Melaka, will go for Umbai makan ikan bakar, Klebang for coconut shake kan...But for us? We mingled in the city je. Tak plan pape pun. For lunch, we lepak at Jonker Street. Nama kedai tu pun Jonker 88...nyum2...cendol satu nyonya!..Baca menu kat depan tu pun macam nk juling2 bijik mata, mee apa ni..? Macam2 sangat ni. Last, me & Andrew kongsi raya ordered Baba Laksa Kahwin Nyonya Asam Laksa. Kalau nak order sebut 'Kawin satu'! Nyonya tu bole plak membebel..ha belum kawen, mesti kawen cepat. Huiks, what is the related with asam laksa itself? Epic tul...ahahah~

Then memang takde idea nak pegi mana, habes tawaf dah Jonker Street pepanas camni...naseb sume pakai putih, taklah berbahang sangat. Those two guys sempat membeli tshirt plak, the girls dah melepet sakit kaki..Terbalik sudah...huhuh~

Ha part ni agak buang tebiat jugak, datang idea gila we just wanna pusing around naik beca.Repeat! Naik beca okeh. Bajet tourist sungguh! Homai....sudahnya memang tuk sekelian kalinya yang zaman bila last datang and visit historical place, here we are again. Memang asik gelak je. Leh sakit otak dibuatnya. Never thought of doing this again. ;P

Ok, panas dah mmg capai 40 degree agaknya..sudahnya memang cari shopping complex jugak. Dasar budak KL, nak aircond jugak...hik2...
So finally, we celebrated our big bro at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Happy Birthday Abang Ijat!!! We love ahahah` so very the fatherly type. You are now officially 37...wuuu tak lama lagi 4 series.;P Thanks sebab sentiasa menjaga kami yang memang kadang2 mcm budak2 kurang kasih sayang ni. Ahahaha~ (There is a video recorded for this, nanti I curi from Andrew's phone -ucapan dah ala2 Grammy Award)

We end the day by melayan lagu2 emo. Sudahnya bukan emo pun, bantai gelak as makhluk yang sorg tu kept on singing in annoying pitch. Haiya...dear Mariah Carey, lagu you memang rosak bila dapat kat kitaorang. Hik2

Sorry if this celebration xseberapa, but we did have FUN right. Our 1st celebration as clan yang suka bagi MHO bergegar with our own Diva style...;P Later, more to come....Yeayyy!
Belum pape lagi dah planned our next destination, birthday in BALI!!! Weeee~...Hyep2 work first, bulan 10 baru kita citer balik...;P

Happy working peeps! Nak settlekan KPI jap....xdpt bonus ku karang...huuu..chiaww...xoxo (gosip girl sgt)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 19 - Nicknames?? For Me??

Brain try to remember :

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Not that many nicknames that I got for the past 27 years, yeah mostly of people will get those funky, funny, ridiculous nicknames during boarding school, masuk Matriks....but I done none of them. Yup, I'm pourly MGSKLians from standard 1 till Form 5. Girls school yaw.. and I was Victorian for my high school, yes I did Form 6 sat for the STPM (the so called one of the most hardest exam to crack our head off)...then baru I masuk college and uni. Jauh perjalanannya..Heee~

Let see if we have the chronology of it ..hurmmm (sampai mengerut dahi)

Owh title tu dah tentu2 lah came from my family as I'm the eldest in my siblings. Being a big sis to 3 lil brother, not that lil anymore la now kan...If went out with them or without, people always have the thought I'm the youngest. Huuu takpe leh bajet muda sangat.;P

"Rabbit!!" "Dolphin"...tu pekikan biasa masa kat sekolah rendah especially bila pegi sekolah agama. Kalau tak terpekik camtu sehari memang tak sah. Thanks to a friend yang memang dengki amat. Jangan kata kat sekolah agama je, our school also sebelah2 je. Memang muka tu je la nampaknya. Ha, senang nak teka kot. Yes, I'm the proud owner of 2 gigi rabbit. Ahaha~ Memang free la dapat nickname tu.

Cik Senyum
Senyum tengok laptop, senyum cakap dengan orang, senyum tengok phone...masalah jugak tu asik senyum. Ni ada orang ajar sebenarnya, how 'senyum' can disguise your own true feeling. Dasyat kan. Tapi penangan dek senyum memanjang, Cik Senyum become my nickname in the office especially tuk orang2 Hyundai sebab dorg je yang ngadap I hari2 time Adun kecik ni melawat kawasan .;P - ke I yang ngadap dorg? Mana2 pun boleh. ;D

Nih sebab apa eh? Mekasih pada diri sendiri yang xsuka formal office attire. Color black, white, brown only to the office so no-no things to me. Makanya, I suka capai je mcm2 color to wear and off to work. Sudahnya dari jauh orang kenal dah no one else yang pakai berkaler selain Cik Enny. Ahahah~ At least I splashed some colors to your eyes kan.....Tak lah bosan kan kan kan...Heee

Budak Kecik
Hayooo...budak kecik la sgt. Benda ni datang sebab body structure I yang memang from born sangat la kecik. I am a premature baby for your info, x nyempat nk tgk dunia. Tu yang jadi budak taun 84 jugak tu. Huhu~ Plus I easily menyorok belakang2 orang and people hardly to see me.Pantang tak nampak dek mata, ilang dah. Ahahaha~

Huh, ni title paling cannot go! Came from bosses. Haru tul. Just because he said I so put an effort to look good. With all the accesories, the colors scheme, fancy2 hijab. Eh?? So dia kata I memang macam Mak Datin with those bling2...Ceyh.. Memang asal jumpa surely he will call that dari jauh lagi...Dang!

Day 18 - Achieve It Enny!

Brain restocking :

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Aim IT! Aim for the STAR...sound cliche ha...Maybe it gonna sound like berangan. Tapi takde angan2 takkan jadi cita2..dan cita2 takkan jadi kenyataan.


Have to do this desperately before masuk 3series...huuu...( terasa tuanya bunyi..) Main lagi pospon bagai...kan sampai ke sudah xbuat2 jugak...sementara single the mingle I should pursue to it.

Need to have wider prospect..Think2 are better than this. Time to switch! ;)


Am gonna start small later end of this year. InsyaAllah... Travelogue akan bermula semula...Yeayyy....list of the place dah ada..Tggu to execute je but of cos kena 'MENABUNG' from now..Ye sila puasa ye Cik Enny. Dah alang2 masuk bulan Rejab, Syabaan & Ramadhan ni. Sesuai sgt..;P

Ni agak cepumas skit. Nak bagi jawapan biasa ke camne?Huhu. Mengada je..;P There are some people under consideration (wah bunyi cam ramai je...over tul..ahaha)..but there is one particular person yg sungguh2 betul. Jangan dia buat gila as what he always teased me sudah. Mau ada yang putus nafas kat sini jugak. Ahaha~ Agak comel tgk gelagat dia. Well we see. Selfnote : Don't challenge him Enny!
Jangan xpasal this will be May proposal pulak, as I'd already got some since Feb kan...main2 je kan korang ni. Ish2. I yang lemah semangat kat sini. Takmo2...Heee..

Ha, it's not that easy okey. Maybe I a bit paranoid of meeting so much of psycho people. OMG! Semalam dah jadi satu dah. Naseb xjadi scene citer ala2 Hindustan dah. Ahaha..Gosh can you just give me break?
Well, perhaps I need to be more extra cautious and open wider my options then. Who knows. Jodoh kan rahsia DIA..InsyaAllah.

Be a better self for HIM, for family, for dearest friends & beloved the other half. Not much to say, but I am praying hard for a guidance to make a beauty heart, mind and soul basis on HIS rules. Obligation!

Day 17 - Switching For A Day

Brain thinking :

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Perdana Menteri ah! Ish xnak2...nak kena pikir masalah negara lagi..Takde life...nahe2... I wish to change a day with Mark Zuckerberg, see how sakit kepalanya nak handle the most uprising social networking worth 19Million nowadays... Emm..garu kepala..Taknak2...!! Ha!

Supermak!! Oihh...ingat cerita Supermak kat TV3 tu ke? Ish2...Nah, what I'm telling is my beloved Mak.

If there a magical chance to switch a lives just for a day...I wonder.
To see how strong she is. Handling lots of things non stop 24-7, always on the move, how happy she can be just by watching her plants and pet. The most extraordinary is hardly to fall sick. Memang kebal. I guess being a mum, you never afford to fall sick even one second. Everything need your attention on the dot, no later2...not even time for a lil rest.

Once before she was a national traditional dancer represented Malaysia through out the nation. Cool ha! Anak dia sorg ni je suku dunia pun xabes jejak lagi. Fine2 tahun depan I start lah..duh..;P Eh iklan plak.  Was a kindergarten teacher; means lot and lots of patient and passion to do this. Am I capable of doing the same things? I wonder how hectic my life is to switch lives with her even just for A DAY..

But well, soon or later, without switching lives...I'll be a mum too one fine day right? I'll have all the ample time to watch, to learn, to feel what she have in her shoes all this while. Praying hard I can be as cool as her, being such a great mum and awesome wife. ( Ok, tetiba terasa sounded like pelik je dah ni...ok2, I'm not talking anymore...menjauh jadi nya ha..;P)


Heart bliss reading this :

En.Tumblr mmg membantu di kala2 kebosanan ni..scroll punye scroll punye scroll..tap! It was just so lovely by reading this...

Lelaki terindah di mata wanita bukanlah yang paling tampan wajahnya; melainkan yang bisa membuatnya merasa sang tercantik di dunia. Lelaki tergagah di hati wanita bukanlah yang paling kekar ototnya, melainkan yang mampu mendengar, memahami, dan mengerti curahan hatinya. Lelaki terkaya bagi wanita, bukanlah yang terbanyak hartanya, tapi dia yang pandai bersyukur dan mengungkapkan terima kasih padanya. Lelaki tershalih bagi wanita, tak sekedar banyak ilmu agama dan rajin ibadahnya; tapi juga dia yang paling mulia akhlaqnya. Lelaki terhebat bagi wanita, bukanlah yang mampu membelikan apapun untuknya; tapi yang wajah dan bahunya siap menyambut senyum dan airmata. Lelaki tercinta bagi wanita; dia yang prasangka tak mengalahkan kemuliaan budinya; yang kekesalan tak mengalahkan pengertian dan maafnya.
Salim A. Fillah  (via kurniawangunadi)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 16 - Self Potraiture AGAIN!

Brain knocking :

Day 16- Another picture of yourself

Huh again?? All about your face ha Miss Enny?? ;P Requested by the list la...Dengki la tuh.. Now how I miss Johor. Tetiba!! Ahaha~ I just missing having a vacation. Please anyone bring me somewhere!!! Huishh bahaya, kang ada plak psiko mana2 yg dtg menculik bila wat announcement camni. Owh nooo! Even nowadays ada manusia wilingness to teman me to go anywhere that I wanna go with the ayat " Pasni nak pegi mana2, pegi dengan saya okey "... sesorang lagi thrill..;P 

p/s : If you can see, all pix me alone only be snapped by Abah solely. Kalau vacation or chill out with friends memang susah la nak cari pic yang ada I sorg dalam tu.. Hee...Kinda xsuka snap pic berseorangan, kononnya la..ahaha~ padahal sebab most of the time I'm the one yang kena jadi photog..kan kan kan..

Day 15 - My Songs

Heart beating :

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

Hermm, I didn't hear my songs from Ipod...tukar to playlist from BB boleh tak? ;P ( Abah je Apple user in my sanctuary)

Let's see what is shuffling..(dah tak pasal kena pasang headfon kat telinga time2 wat keje ni kan..haiyaa)

1.    Sesaat Kau Datang - Ramlah Ram feat .Sleeq
2.    All About Him - Auburn
3.    Never Knew I Needed - Neyo
4.    Love Like That - Wisnu
5.    Dalam Mihrab Cinta - Afghan
6.    Better Than You - Brandy Feat TC
7.    Through My Hands Like Sand - RaVaughn
8.    Price Tag - Jessie J
9.    No More - Bobby Cipolla
10.  Grenade - Bruno Mars

Basically that are the listing. Huh, teringat lagu emo in the car with the Devilish clan masa road trip to Malacca. MARIAH CAREY!! Classic sungguh..baru leh test hati kebal ke tak kan..;P

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 14 - Familia Portraiture

Heart full of love :

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Pic begini hanya muncul time2 Raya je, so akan dapat full macam ni. Kalau hari2 biasa memang harapan lah. Ke laut masing2...Bz with our own stuff once a while gathered like this leh gamat rumah jadinya.

Jenuh dah cari pic2 lain. If ada pun mesti ada sorang takde or yang sorang akan jd photog xberbayarnya. Ish2...

Wait! I dah skipped few days update. Ngaaa~ Road trip to Malacca & our SDFC match..oopss not to forget my day 15, 16 and 17...wuuuu..( bila nak buat ni Cik Enny!!!)

Day 13 - Letter To You T__T

Heart emotionless :

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

There this girl in the mirror,
I wonder who she is.
Sometimes I think I know her.
Sometimes I wish I did.
There is a story in her eyes,
Lullabies and goodbye.
When she looking at me I can tell...
She's hurting inside.


I wonder if it is right for me to write this but this the task right. And here I am spilling it out.

Dear you,

"Mana ada rahsia!" That was YOUR words. You came in silent-nerdy-cute looking boy who people randomly realized you were around. How quite you can be. How I love teasing you to make you speak and smile. Itu diri you yang dulu.

You the one who saw the whole me, the happy Enny, sad Enny, crazy even saw and heard me crying few times which I hardly to cry in front of people. But with you, I feel free to express myself. Starting there we became close, we started to open up to each other, more gossiping, more laughing, more teasing...You were there when I was heartbroken (eventhough I was not sad at all) & I was there too for you when you have your own heartbroken period. We get it through to the extend we left an impression on people that we have something between us. How cliche' that was. But US know what exactly we are.
And we were En. Senyum & Cik Senyum of this place (thanks to the people who keep on watching us smiling with our own secret gestures).

Our obsession towards chocolates, your dreams of your own Willy Wonka Factory, the perasan-ness of being Chicharito, David Beckham, Superman & my lil crazy Joker.
How annoying you can be to me - keep saying yourself so 'comel'...but it does cracked my head up and keep on smiling. The Chip & Dale soft toy from HK, your homemade cupcakes, how annoyed your face seeing a freaking liar infront you put an act infront of me, umbrella me when it's raining. Just being by my side, I feel safe. And foremost, how you lie to me just because you wanna sent my birthday gift far much earlier than other people - in heavy raining day...and the gift was something exactly like yours - you, for your games collections, me- for my books...
Within 3 years, you changed a lot to be more positive guy and can be happy effortless. But within just one night, you just left our friendship without a single word. Is it my wrong doing or you just doing this by your own selfish act? Where is your promises? I felt lost, worst than loosing a BF instead. What is this?? Just tell me will you.. Doa I tak pernah putus untuk you.

This is what I hate the most. Rewinding all the memories, the conversation, the act of ours.Again, I saw you in the office but we are so invisible. This is our 3rd time for being like this and maybe the last one for us. Nothing can get back to where it's belong. And finally, I accepted the facts that we will never be the same person before.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 12 - Tumblrism

Brain saying :

Day 12- How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one

Mula2, apa benda plak Tumblr ni??? Not enough of Friendster, Myspace(owh my oldschool nya..). Now Facebook, Twitter, blablabla...toooo much of social networking thingy. Main browsing2 after a fren of mine rajin shared cute quotes with me. Bila bagi dengan link, dah tentulah dengan segala pantasnya main click2 kan. Tada!! Here will a perfect zone to cuci mata. I'm hooked with it. Cute stuff, amazing photographs, couture fashion, funny & motivating quotes. So much to tell what caused me falll in love with this. Epic je la kau ni Enny. ahahah~

Dah tentu2 lah dengan segala kewarasan yang ada maka tercipta satu account of my own. Alasan!! ;P Hey, if u rajin tgk the archive of mine, some of the things I made it as REFERENCES tau..Creative mind should come from creative things. Baru cun! ;D..Dan2 je..heee~

This!! My interface for my lovely Tumblrina...huhu~ PIXIENOTION TUMBLR

It just the same name as my blog then. Nampak sangat malas pikir tapi bila tengok2 balik ada signifikasinya. Campuran gambarajah and words. Ha kan related tuh..heheh~

Akhir kata, Selamat Datang ke dunia Tumblr ku!! ;P

Nanti I update lagi...rushing for things for tonight...heee...

Day 11 - 3 Girls

Heart smiling looking at this :

During Pika's E Day

Believe or not they are younger than me. But see? No differents right..;P Bab chamwhoring memang bagi dekat dorang. Surely full your memory card.;P

Day 10 - Music of My Heart

Heart singing :

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Macam nak kena cari lagu motivasi je ni. Ahaha~ Which I don't have any idea to state what songs, as it always play randomly. Tak kisah la happy ke sedih ke bosan ke marah ke...hype?? ceyh...just play the songs. Start the cue babe. ;P

Cuma kadang2 in certain moods, the songs which playing randomly so suits the day...ahaha. Drama skit...tapi emosi tu simpan sendiri. If you hearing me humming somewhere, usually that caused by listening to the same songs from variety places. How come it can be same song weyh?? Dang!

Well then, dah alang2 tajuk entry pun Music of My Heart..surely you guys used to this song...jangan tipu tak pernah dengar..baru la 80's babies...huhu~

You taught me to run
You taught me to fly
Helped me to free the me inside
Help me hear the music of my heart
Help me hear the music of my heart
You've opened my eyes
You've opened the door
To something I've never known before
And your love...
Is the music of my heart.. (music of my heart)

Day 09 - Proud of Having This Much

Brain analyzing : 

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Yes!! It just feel good whenever right the end of the day, you know you been appreciating by people who you don't expect at all. ;D

And yes I'm proud of having such people surround me.

1. Bosses (dari level AVPII to EVP) -terharu...sob..sob...all are working out to 'save' me...from what?? Well it just work wise..but I'm happy enough to know what going to be happen. InsyaAllah ..;D
2. Friends - I meant of a REAL friend...some issues happening back forward, but all manageable with these group of people yang appeared out of nowhere. They are there, just never thought they will be this protective, looking for me, care about me and loving me as what I am. I'm so touch...!
3. SDFC in the league!! Yipeee....It's for Malaysia FA Cup Final yaww...ahahah~ Who will ever imagine a company can go this far? And here we are. ( dah bocor rahsia where I'm working)am so going to stadium to watch this!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 08 - May Goals

Brain planning :

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

For May je eh? Hermmm..Let's think!!! Calendar2 where are you?

1. Aqiqah Baby Hadi - 13 May
2. Arranged Date - 14 May (have to make sure its ON as both us always bzbee...near but too far...5 years we've been like this..haih )
3. Surprise Party - 16 May ( la sgt...but need to do something for our 'wise' bro..- Devilish Bersatu clan)
4. SDFC vs Kelantan (Football Match) - 19 May 
5. SDGG Finale - 25 May
6. Merisik - 26 May

Wuuu...seems am so gonna be packed with those.Have to try my best to attend all that and why? It's been a while I haven't go out for something with bunch of people...hey2 bukannya I AntiSosial...huu cam xsesuai je ngn jiwa Cik Enny yang tak berdiam ni. Ahaha~

1. Have to go!! Sebab wedding dia tak now dah ada baby, pay a visit la Miss Enny...suh datang makan je..Makan?? I loikee...;P Leh makan masakan Nogori..yeayy...
2. Looking forward for this date. Plan2 slalu tak jadi...jumpa pun random which it's gonna happen once a year. Now 2-2 amik cuti. Ha duk dediam berdua kat situ. Wondering what he planning to...emmmm*garu dagu...He said 'SUPRISE'..Ok menyampah!
3. Birthday Abang Besar....plan bertukar2, 4 of us gonna be on leave on this date. Weee.... What to do? Nothing firm yet...diskusi akan bsambung di Pappa Kaya jap lagi...(1st Birthday celebration for Devilish clan)
4. Something diff to attend as I memang tak pernah tgk football match dekat stadium but now? SD in the league!!! Superb....versus Kelantan plak tu...gonna be soooo INTERESTING! Jum2...
5. Ha! This came from an instruction by Sports Exec itself who are one of Devilish Bersatu ni, kalau xnyusahkan hidup orang xsah..Nak suruh jd maskot la tu....Dang! You gonna get it Mister!! huhu~
6. Things need to be setel soon!! WAJIB!! As I need to put up with to-do-wedding list up2 and away....guest list some...Tukar keje jadi Wedding Planner la lps ni..;P goals are all EVENTS ha...yup2...let's go for it Enny ^_^

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 07 - Big Impact On ME

Brain looking2 :

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

My Bestfriend
My Effective Banker (dah letak jawatan..huhu)
My Most Loyal Companion
My Best Cooker
My Biggest Complainer
My  Teacher
My Protector



For being who I am today, what I stands for, all just because of them.

Missing & Found!!

Heart beating :


Sesubuh hari pintu bilik kena gegar by Abah..."Kak, Chomel hilang!"....OMG2....Panic button been pushed so hard in my serabut neutrons...terus blur..Astaghfirullahazim apa pulak ni pepagi buta camni? Macam mana bole terlepas from the cage ni!!! Arghhh....
Sesi mencari satu kawasan rumah dengan segala otak tepunya... Serious blur! Sepagi2 pukul 5 pagi, sape je la jiran2 yang dah bangun time tu if nak tanya2 pun...Sudahnye me, Mak & Abah berpecah cari my lil furball ni satu kawasan perumahan tu....tapi....TAK NAMPAK! TAK JUMPA!...Down...yet we still have to go to work. Memang dah takde hati dah...:(


For the whole day working, just feel numb..Kepala duk fikir mcm2 possibilities..Haihh...My parents still continuing of searching her petang tu, which I'm still in the office. NAK BALIK!!.. And I just posted out her pic in FB and received lots of concern comments.

Yeah, I did that poster Akmal....Sampai rumah my another two brothers already at home. Misi mencari till malam dah pun..Mum already cried since pagi tadi. Of course she will feel that way. Chomel is her birthday present for last year. ;( Ok, sangat tak sampai hati to see her like that.
Main kejar2 with another cat thought it was her, posting the poster, asking the neighborhood around. Ada yang memang nampk dia duduk atas kereta and so on. But where is she now???

Tiba2 Abah jerit calling for my mum! Huh...Panick attack again! They saw her at an empty house!!
She tends to hide from people..They tried to catch her, but she keep avoiding people until rempuh pagar rumah for few times. Surely pening dah...T__T...Till she menyorok bwh tayar kereta jiran and we hardly to pull her out, mum said memang dia ketakutan sebab dia cengkam tayar kereta tu taknak lepas. Hermmmm...siannya! What she afraid of?
Alhamdullilah..we FOUND her again....Pheww! What a day!!

Epic okey missing a lil cat. Apa la lagi missing a person? Sure tak cukup nafas dibuatnya..

To all that concerned much, Thank You soooo muchhh....Love for your supports. Terharu. Even my bestfren yang nun kat Labuan kept on Whatsapping asking me ok or not. Risau! How nice of you! ♥ Sorry buat awak risau..Hee...You the best!!

p/s : cik Chomel sedang berehat and calming herself up with my another 3 furballs..;D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I ❤ Insta+Gram

Heart pounding :

OMG! What is this? Tumblring early of the day and I'm fall in ❤  with THIS! Without hesitation going to buy this no matter what. Cool ha?

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Where to buy??
Hehehe~ Okey guys I'm just kidding. How you pour your loves to Instagram, ADR Studio are now in the making of Instagram Socialmatic Project. I amazed with their concept of bringing up the Instagram apps from virtual to physical. How AWESOME is that! ^_^

"Instagram Socialmatic is only a concept…
But, maybe, it could became real…"
 p/s : Really can't wait for it to be real...wanna read more about the features to be, click here ADR Studio - Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Day 06 - Superhero! ♥

Brain dictating :

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

Pic pinjam dari Izza! ;P

Avengers!!!! Randomly ha?Cite tu pun I tak tengok lagi. Sape nak teman?? Ha tau nak ajak sape... ^_^

No..No..No...Them become Super Heroes in movie boleh la. Realiti mana ada such things kan..Imaginary sungguh korg ni..ahaha~

Tada!!! This in my REALLLL Favorite Super Hero! Present to you...(drum rolling..)


The Garang One ( nakal punya pasal kan..)
The 'Kuasa Veto' One ( A to be A, jangan nk pusing2..)
The Knowledgeable One ( just ask for anything, he will elaborate it one day one night pun blum tentu habes)
The Psychic One (  not even telling, he knows..dang!)
The Strong One ( ex Body Builder ma....hik3)
The Faster One ( All works must be in fast pace, slow2 tinggal procrastination..)
The Creative One ( can do kerja kayu, photography, hias rumah, try la mintak benda2 pelik surely he try to do one in his own way...based Mak request!)
The Great Chef ( tell him what you want to eat, he can do one tau...xcaya test! )
The Magic One ( can make thing appear once you mention it..taklah on the spot..magic benar tu..ahaha)
 The Most Loveable One ( touching skit when his daughter sorang ni buat2 bz, buat2 blur and not at home for quite sometimes...ala RINDU ckp je la...huhu )

See? Superhero kat TV leper kita tu only have one super power each but my Abah got so many at once. So of course I'll vote for him to be my own Fav Super Hero. I love you Abah! ♥

Pic mahal ni..time I was small & Abah kurus! ;P

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Struggling We Are!

Heart just saying :

Honestly, Its okay to be sad and unhappy.
It's okay to feel lonely and dull.
Truth is, everyone has felt like that once in their life.
Everyday is a struggle; some of us are winning the battle, but some of us are losing.
But we should never forget that each and everyone of us is constantly struggling through life.
Go ahead, feel sad and lonely all you want, just remember to never lose hope.

Day 05 - Somewhere Been To

Brain choosing :

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

Place ha?Emmm... Jarang lah amat to be somewhere randomly and snap pic. Chamwhoring will be available di kala dengan clan yang agak menggila. Seperti INI!

Yeah can make a wild guess. No need for guessing pun as its just obviously you know where ; by the lift, by the cart, by the box of me sitting on it.


Funny place to be if you wanna play around like this especially with your own office-mates. Haru jadinya. Hahaha~ Pssttt..It was our first time "time off" time together2 di kala siang hari..hik2.. Ok bocor rahsia...;P

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 04 - Habit No-No

Brain had a deep thought :

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Pheww, soalan ni agak mencabar. ;P....kalau nak jawab "Tak Takut" bleh x? Of cos la bole kan sendiri yang jawab ..huuu~

Berat issuenya ni, sebab kata lain agak 'kamikaze' di situ. Hehe~ Ye la kita kena takut pada yang Esa je kan...yang lain xpayah la takut. Ye ye je Miss Enny ni. ;p Ok2 serius!

Ok la bab "Tak Takut" ni sebenarnya applied to human being...sejenis manusia okeh..Binatang? Ada ke yang takut? Ahaha~ I'm not someone yang takut pada serangga sampai jerit2 lompat2, demam dek diacah menatang tu ha. Ish2...geli ye la..heeee...(oppss cam refer to someone je. Ahahah)
Issue 'Tak Takut" ni datangnya dari kes berani sangat kenal orang, jumpa orang ...SESORANG. But yeah, I'm not meeting this stranger tempat sunyi2, tempat2 yang memudaratkan..haruslah ada PRECAUTION. Ha, tuh rahsia , mana leh bagitau..heheh~
End of the day jumpa orang psiko, sendiri cari nahas la kan...but sometimes based on luck jugak..jumpa orang baik, baik la dia, jumpa orang xbrape nak betul, ha disini la terletak kewarasan anda mcm mana nk lari..hik2.

Teringat pesanan of a friend sebab tau sgt dah habit I yang suka sangat kenal stranger nth mana2...kalau bagitau dia, surely dia akan cakap " Takyah la pegi jumpa".."Nak pegi, pegi ngn kawan"..."Takde kawan , jangan pegi"..Hee camtu skali menjaganya...Tapi, I pergi jugak sesorang tapi I whatsapp you non stop kan, so you tau I kat mana..Heheh~ Sorry boss! ;P

So pesanan, jangan ikut habit ni. Agak merbahaya jugak la kalau dipikir2kan balik. Oleh itu, makanya, I make a decision to slow down a bit. Nak kenal, nak jumpa, sila tembus office saya dulu, abang2, kakak2 saya...kalau dorang approve, baru leh jalan...Heheh~ Jangan duk buat riot depan office sudah. Ada pulak nk kena panggil FRU kat sini plak...;P


Iklan jap...just got this from my dear GF yang baru kepulangan dr Euro trip. Huh jeles much..Tapi nasib ku tetap dalam ingatan..I loikeee!!

Thanks darling!! Motif Cinderella, Love2 & Bunga2 Fridge Magnet? Sengaja kenakan I kan..huhu~

Day 03 - Friends Pixie

Heart smiling:

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

How I adored these people...Part of my 'pelangi'...there are few of them who are not in this but always remains in heart. Especially En.Pilot saya and my bunch of the Devilish clan..;P

People who always in my pray ;D

Day 02 - Blog's Name Means?

Brain doing her thinking:

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name that I got the name ha?? Jap pikir 3 saat....Scrumble!! Hehe..PIXIENOTION? Macam susah nak ingat kan...memang sengaja!!..melainkanlah ada orang tu yg stalked hari2 blog ni kan..Saya tau awak sayang saya.. Ahahah..dan2 je..;P...

Nah, I was actually jingling with some words masa mula2 nak start doing virtual diary ni..
PIXIE (Pixel/Pictures) + NOTION (Thought) = PixieNotion

....Motif sebenar? Sebab kadang2 datangnya mood malas nak menulis so akan tempek beratus pic either courtesy from En.Google, En. Tumblr atau hasil photography sendiri. Sebab tu if you can see sometimes some of my entries contained most with pictures, bahawasanya saya sedang bertafakur dari menaip. Ideas are there but somehow its not everything that we can spill out here right.
So better the pictures do the story telling kan. Definition? Somehow you have to interpret yourself..;)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 01 - 15 Facts of Mine

Brain doing her task :

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Yup that's my cubicle..Where ever I sat must be berdepan with BMW wallpaper. Motivating sungguh!

1. Eating snack non stop (who said I'm dieting?) Dang! Am always hungry!!! Membela pe kau ni Cik Enny?
2. I am the members of Devilish Bersatu MHO..apa tu jangan tanya. hahaha~
3. I am someone who always forget to drink! Kronik tul.
4. Emo! But heyya I tak kacau orang okeh..Emo I, 2 minutes je, then I ok balik..;P
5. Gadis yang memiliki 2 gigi arnab and am proud of it (bajet comel..ahahah~)
6. Born with 2 dimples, obviously you can see one most of the time. Yang lagi satu nyorok skit..
7. I am prematured baby born. Explain enough why I'm so petite?
8. Magnet to 'wrong', 'bad' & 'psiko' people. Pheww how break this chain??
9. Enjoying D.R.A.M.A (Dumb Retards Asking for More Attention) of some people...
10. I don't eat sayur2 with biji2 ada lendir inside it like Tomato, Peria and etc2..
11. An IT girl but with arts touch..( Boss slalu kata I salah bidang kot. Cehh)
12. Once I feel not comfy, I'll just block the things.. MALAS!
13. I am 28 this year! Wowww...Xcaya nk tengok IC ke?
14. Tend to do things non stop when I'm stress...of cos la not stupid things..ish3
15. Up till now, my works surrounded by GUYS....haiya where the woman la?? So whoever become my #futurebf/fiance/hubby ....don't jeles2...*pengsan