Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 06 - Superhero! ♥

Brain dictating :

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

Pic pinjam dari Izza! ;P

Avengers!!!! Randomly ha?Cite tu pun I tak tengok lagi. Sape nak teman?? Ha tau nak ajak sape... ^_^

No..No..No...Them become Super Heroes in movie boleh la. Realiti mana ada such things kan..Imaginary sungguh korg ni..ahaha~

Tada!!! This in my REALLLL Favorite Super Hero! Present to you...(drum rolling..)


The Garang One ( nakal punya pasal kan..)
The 'Kuasa Veto' One ( A to be A, jangan nk pusing2..)
The Knowledgeable One ( just ask for anything, he will elaborate it one day one night pun blum tentu habes)
The Psychic One (  not even telling, he knows..dang!)
The Strong One ( ex Body Builder ma....hik3)
The Faster One ( All works must be in fast pace, slow2 tinggal procrastination..)
The Creative One ( can do kerja kayu, photography, hias rumah, try la mintak benda2 pelik surely he try to do one in his own way...based Mak request!)
The Great Chef ( tell him what you want to eat, he can do one tau...xcaya test! )
The Magic One ( can make thing appear once you mention it..taklah on the spot..magic benar tu..ahaha)
 The Most Loveable One ( touching skit when his daughter sorang ni buat2 bz, buat2 blur and not at home for quite sometimes...ala RINDU ckp je la...huhu )

See? Superhero kat TV leper kita tu only have one super power each but my Abah got so many at once. So of course I'll vote for him to be my own Fav Super Hero. I love you Abah! ♥

Pic mahal ni..time I was small & Abah kurus! ;P

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