Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 08 - May Goals

Brain planning :

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

For May je eh? Hermmm..Let's think!!! Calendar2 where are you?

1. Aqiqah Baby Hadi - 13 May
2. Arranged Date - 14 May (have to make sure its ON as both us always bzbee...near but too far...5 years we've been like this..haih )
3. Surprise Party - 16 May ( la sgt...but need to do something for our 'wise' bro..- Devilish Bersatu clan)
4. SDFC vs Kelantan (Football Match) - 19 May 
5. SDGG Finale - 25 May
6. Merisik - 26 May

Wuuu...seems am so gonna be packed with those.Have to try my best to attend all that and why? It's been a while I haven't go out for something with bunch of people...hey2 bukannya I AntiSosial...huu cam xsesuai je ngn jiwa Cik Enny yang tak berdiam ni. Ahaha~

1. Have to go!! Sebab wedding dia tak now dah ada baby, pay a visit la Miss Enny...suh datang makan je..Makan?? I loikee...;P Leh makan masakan Nogori..yeayy...
2. Looking forward for this date. Plan2 slalu tak jadi...jumpa pun random which it's gonna happen once a year. Now 2-2 amik cuti. Ha duk dediam berdua kat situ. Wondering what he planning to...emmmm*garu dagu...He said 'SUPRISE'..Ok menyampah!
3. Birthday Abang Besar....plan bertukar2, 4 of us gonna be on leave on this date. Weee.... What to do? Nothing firm yet...diskusi akan bsambung di Pappa Kaya jap lagi...(1st Birthday celebration for Devilish clan)
4. Something diff to attend as I memang tak pernah tgk football match dekat stadium but now? SD in the league!!! Superb....versus Kelantan plak tu...gonna be soooo INTERESTING! Jum2...
5. Ha! This came from an instruction by Sports Exec itself who are one of Devilish Bersatu ni, kalau xnyusahkan hidup orang xsah..Nak suruh jd maskot la tu....Dang! You gonna get it Mister!! huhu~
6. Things need to be setel soon!! WAJIB!! As I need to put up with to-do-wedding list up2 and away....guest list some...Tukar keje jadi Wedding Planner la lps ni..;P goals are all EVENTS ha...yup2...let's go for it Enny ^_^

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