Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 13 - Letter To You T__T

Heart emotionless :

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

There this girl in the mirror,
I wonder who she is.
Sometimes I think I know her.
Sometimes I wish I did.
There is a story in her eyes,
Lullabies and goodbye.
When she looking at me I can tell...
She's hurting inside.


I wonder if it is right for me to write this but this the task right. And here I am spilling it out.

Dear you,

"Mana ada rahsia!" That was YOUR words. You came in silent-nerdy-cute looking boy who people randomly realized you were around. How quite you can be. How I love teasing you to make you speak and smile. Itu diri you yang dulu.

You the one who saw the whole me, the happy Enny, sad Enny, crazy even saw and heard me crying few times which I hardly to cry in front of people. But with you, I feel free to express myself. Starting there we became close, we started to open up to each other, more gossiping, more laughing, more teasing...You were there when I was heartbroken (eventhough I was not sad at all) & I was there too for you when you have your own heartbroken period. We get it through to the extend we left an impression on people that we have something between us. How cliche' that was. But US know what exactly we are.
And we were En. Senyum & Cik Senyum of this place (thanks to the people who keep on watching us smiling with our own secret gestures).

Our obsession towards chocolates, your dreams of your own Willy Wonka Factory, the perasan-ness of being Chicharito, David Beckham, Superman & my lil crazy Joker.
How annoying you can be to me - keep saying yourself so 'comel'...but it does cracked my head up and keep on smiling. The Chip & Dale soft toy from HK, your homemade cupcakes, how annoyed your face seeing a freaking liar infront you put an act infront of me, umbrella me when it's raining. Just being by my side, I feel safe. And foremost, how you lie to me just because you wanna sent my birthday gift far much earlier than other people - in heavy raining day...and the gift was something exactly like yours - you, for your games collections, me- for my books...
Within 3 years, you changed a lot to be more positive guy and can be happy effortless. But within just one night, you just left our friendship without a single word. Is it my wrong doing or you just doing this by your own selfish act? Where is your promises? I felt lost, worst than loosing a BF instead. What is this?? Just tell me will you.. Doa I tak pernah putus untuk you.

This is what I hate the most. Rewinding all the memories, the conversation, the act of ours.Again, I saw you in the office but we are so invisible. This is our 3rd time for being like this and maybe the last one for us. Nothing can get back to where it's belong. And finally, I accepted the facts that we will never be the same person before.

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