Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 01 - 15 Facts of Mine

Brain doing her task :

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Yup that's my cubicle..Where ever I sat must be berdepan with BMW wallpaper. Motivating sungguh!

1. Eating snack non stop (who said I'm dieting?) Dang! Am always hungry!!! Membela pe kau ni Cik Enny?
2. I am the members of Devilish Bersatu MHO..apa tu jangan tanya. hahaha~
3. I am someone who always forget to drink! Kronik tul.
4. Emo! But heyya I tak kacau orang okeh..Emo I, 2 minutes je, then I ok balik..;P
5. Gadis yang memiliki 2 gigi arnab and am proud of it (bajet comel..ahahah~)
6. Born with 2 dimples, obviously you can see one most of the time. Yang lagi satu nyorok skit..
7. I am prematured baby born. Explain enough why I'm so petite?
8. Magnet to 'wrong', 'bad' & 'psiko' people. Pheww how break this chain??
9. Enjoying D.R.A.M.A (Dumb Retards Asking for More Attention) of some people...
10. I don't eat sayur2 with biji2 ada lendir inside it like Tomato, Peria and etc2..
11. An IT girl but with arts touch..( Boss slalu kata I salah bidang kot. Cehh)
12. Once I feel not comfy, I'll just block the things.. MALAS!
13. I am 28 this year! Wowww...Xcaya nk tengok IC ke?
14. Tend to do things non stop when I'm stress...of cos la not stupid things..ish3
15. Up till now, my works surrounded by GUYS....haiya where the woman la?? So whoever become my #futurebf/fiance/hubby ....don't jeles2...*pengsan

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