Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 09 - Proud of Having This Much

Brain analyzing : 

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Yes!! It just feel good whenever right the end of the day, you know you been appreciating by people who you don't expect at all. ;D

And yes I'm proud of having such people surround me.

1. Bosses (dari level AVPII to EVP) -terharu...sob..sob...all are working out to 'save' me...from what?? Well it just work wise..but I'm happy enough to know what going to be happen. InsyaAllah ..;D
2. Friends - I meant of a REAL friend...some issues happening back forward, but all manageable with these group of people yang appeared out of nowhere. They are there, just never thought they will be this protective, looking for me, care about me and loving me as what I am. I'm so touch...!
3. SDFC in the league!! Yipeee....It's for Malaysia FA Cup Final yaww...ahahah~ Who will ever imagine a company can go this far? And here we are. ( dah bocor rahsia where I'm working)am so going to stadium to watch this!!

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