Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miss You Jerk!

Heart rasa super malas :

Lainkali baca lagi Gmail tu, terrrbaca some of our conversations before yang bertarikh 28 October 2011. A day that I got my birthday prezzie earlier than the exact birth date.

Now I miss you which I shouldn't have to. Haishh~ Joker?? As if you can be one right now rite?..All sorts of nickname : Meow2, Smiling guy, Chicharito (which i panggil cicak je), Superman, Rain...what else..We just love to play such way..

Yang lagi satu spesis ni, 5 years we've been in such relationship ON OFF memanjang...orang kata tu LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP. Memang pun. As for now terasa I hate him rasa nk belasah je. But tak boleh la plak. Out of blue moon karang saying I MISS YOU...dah bagi attention hilang balik. I buat betul2 xreti karang baru tau. Korang ni kenapa? Penat tau..Xnk kawan jugak!
*Sulking - like ada orang kisah je la nk pujuk kau Cik Enny. Lupa plak...Tsk2..:'(

Why do I even miss you? After everything, I shouldn't miss you at all, after all that time of being apart and not talking. Why do I miss you? I just want you back in my life is all, even if it is just as a friend. Only as a friend.
You're the one person who will always have a spot in my heart. And I wish that I didn't feel like ruined everything up. But I probably  did, which is the sad thing. I let you go and now we can never be the same again, not even before everything happened. Thinking about this makes me feel so heartless.

p/s : Entry ni memang merepek skit..sebab rs swing2...Emo! NUMB!!!

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