Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 22 - Me Difference

Brain stimulating :

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Owh I ada extra 2 psg mata. Ha, don't play2. I nampak pe you buat blakang I okeh. Ahaha~ Nak lain sgt kan!
Physically sama je mcm homo saphiens yang lain ada spasang mata spasang telinga, satu hidung ( first dgr org komen hidung cam Zizan. what??) Literallynya, I macam orang lain je..masih sempurna fizikalnya, emosinya, rohaninya...InsyaAllah. Ada yang diff ke?? Herrmmmm (deep thinking)

I think diff psl I, maybe my move hardly to read kot. For you, yang ada intention nk buat scene drama hindustan kat ofis ni...don't even have a single thought on it. I would not entertain as you expecting. Sorryyyyy not interested!

NOW to get to me, there are many lapisan for you to get through. Thanks for dearest friends, Devilish bertiga, 'pillars', 'pelangi' and #futureotherhalf. Terasa di sayangi, dilindungi...sebab they saw who I am. They know who I am.

I'm not popular, but I have nice friends. I'm not rich, but Alhamdulillah, I have what I need. I may not be liked by everyone, but I know I'm loved.

Ha! So diffnye saya ada raaaamai BODYGUARDS!! You ada?? ;P


Sangat adorable kan....this how I comforting myself up. Looking at good pictures especially babies. Soothing... This pictures from LensaMama...Supernice!! Nanti I have my own baby, am so going to have them as my photog too.. Ooppss tak lupa En.Soulfiqri...I hire you jd my personal photog eh...Hik2...


nisa ~ shasha said...

comel kannnnn baby tu!! rasa nak ada baby! hehehehe

Enny said...

sangat2....oopsss...baby by our own kan kan kan...sure she/he pening mummy dia buat pe ni nak bg dia tersgt2 la comel...grrr gerammm...hehehe