Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 17 - Switching For A Day

Brain thinking :

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Perdana Menteri ah! Ish xnak2...nak kena pikir masalah negara lagi..Takde life...nahe2... I wish to change a day with Mark Zuckerberg, see how sakit kepalanya nak handle the most uprising social networking worth 19Million nowadays... Emm..garu kepala..Taknak2...!! Ha!

Supermak!! Oihh...ingat cerita Supermak kat TV3 tu ke? Ish2...Nah, what I'm telling is my beloved Mak.

If there a magical chance to switch a lives just for a day...I wonder.
To see how strong she is. Handling lots of things non stop 24-7, always on the move, how happy she can be just by watching her plants and pet. The most extraordinary is hardly to fall sick. Memang kebal. I guess being a mum, you never afford to fall sick even one second. Everything need your attention on the dot, no later2...not even time for a lil rest.

Once before she was a national traditional dancer represented Malaysia through out the nation. Cool ha! Anak dia sorg ni je suku dunia pun xabes jejak lagi. Fine2 tahun depan I start lah..duh..;P Eh iklan plak.  Was a kindergarten teacher; means lot and lots of patient and passion to do this. Am I capable of doing the same things? I wonder how hectic my life is to switch lives with her even just for A DAY..

But well, soon or later, without switching lives...I'll be a mum too one fine day right? I'll have all the ample time to watch, to learn, to feel what she have in her shoes all this while. Praying hard I can be as cool as her, being such a great mum and awesome wife. ( Ok, tetiba terasa sounded like pelik je dah ni...ok2, I'm not talking anymore...menjauh jadi nya ha..;P)

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