Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I ❤ Insta+Gram

Heart pounding :

OMG! What is this? Tumblring early of the day and I'm fall in ❤  with THIS! Without hesitation going to buy this no matter what. Cool ha?

Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Where to buy??
Hehehe~ Okey guys I'm just kidding. How you pour your loves to Instagram, ADR Studio are now in the making of Instagram Socialmatic Project. I amazed with their concept of bringing up the Instagram apps from virtual to physical. How AWESOME is that! ^_^

"Instagram Socialmatic is only a concept…
But, maybe, it could became real…"
 p/s : Really can't wait for it to be real...wanna read more about the features to be, click here ADR Studio - Instagram Socialmatic Camera

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