Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 24 - Letter for Parento ❤

Heart sobbing :

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Belum tulis dah sob..sob...drama tul..heee...~ ok2 serius business...

Dear Ayahanda & Bonda,

Di sini anakanda ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk meluahkan isi hati perut ..Hishh (dah macam jawab paper BM Julai je plak ni...) Change2 mode.

Mak Abah,
I am writing this live from my office (huish nampak sangat takde kejenya..-curik time ah..tepu tgk BMC tu). Just nak cakap how I always miss you guys. Time2 keje pun bole fikir lagi2 time cuti skolah ni Mak Abah memang sangat relax je..Ntah apa buat kat rumah tu than monitoring those contractor reno belakang rumah tu. Ha surely tengah layan drama Korea yang berpuluh2 episod tu kan..Just two of you. How romantika de amor!;P

I've been staying with you guys since 27 years 7 months and more to come till I be pass to other people (kawen la tuh...jadi hak mutlak terpelihara orang lain). And always become your lil daughter right. Curfew memanjang. Ahaha~ Sorry hari tu balik kul 330 pagi. Memang disengajakan sbb thought you okey with that but rupanya both of you were worried sick about me sampai can't sleep a bit till I safely infront of our home. Tsk tsk ...ampun..

To Abah, I perfectly know you bit fond to me (not bias- yeah I'm the only girl and always be his baby girl..huu jenuh nak macam2 ni). If you not seeing me one whole day, surely gonna get phone call yang berjuta till I pick up kan..Baru2 ni I just got to know from my bro when you commented how diff we are masa kecik till now. Rupanya, you keep seeing our kiddos pic when you can't see us all at home -every single day. You miss us. (tetiba rasa sangat sebak :') )

To Mak, you being such an awesome mum. Cool some more bila bole geng dengar cerita anak dia yang sorg ni psl macam2 orang. Agaknya mak pun konpius sudah which name, which person. Ooopss, takpe tolong dengar pun okey je. I really3 okey Mak - she always risau when people get close to me tapi takmo tunjuk sbb dah biasa sangat tengok anak yang sorg ni gi 'perang' sesorang. Wonder how you react when one day I'll be take care but someone else called as my other half. (One thing I can't bare is seeing you crying).

No worries Mak Abah, my responsibilities towards you never stop. I'll do it till my last breath. If I can change my life with you, I'll do that too. Thanks for loving me, thanks for always trusting me, thanks for raising me to such a bit 'mental' person - meaning being happy with no reasons - thanks to them la yang memang rajin gurau saje kat rumah tu.

Last but not least, I love you so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤(Cliche sgt..huhu~)


Anakanda mu,
Enny ❤

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