Friday, October 31, 2014

Fav Group Pose on #EnnyHasifWedding

Heart felt blessed:

No words can describe how elated to have all of you! Much love!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Behind the Queen of The Day

Heart blushed:

Been dolled up by one of the Insta Famous (declared by InTrend). Honoured to have her on my big day. Big thanks to her that I looked like a baby doll and Queen of the day!! -even so my videographers loves to say transformation of me look alike Shila Hamzah/even a friend from Greece said the same things when I did sent this pic to him. Pengsan! Hahahah~ It was Enny who get married not her okey. BeautifulNara sat lg kang..;P

Makeup By Mya Zulkifli

For Solemnization

For Reception

Mya even shared that the pic of solemnization makeup got the highest 'Likes' in her IG for the touch :').  Thanks guyss!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

E + H = US ;)

Heart blessed :

We are officially married!! Okey later I update yeah...for the time being busy sikit of being 'nomad'...Lots of things to be share for the memories and for a reference perhaps.. Stay tuneee!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

When Cik Bakal Pengantin Become A Designer

Brain cracking:

Bila Abah mintak on the spot design button badge and banting! 2 malam struggling Cik Otak playing with PS CS and AI CS...-_-...
and dah pegi hantar pun for printing by today. Okey now nk pengsan dah..huuu~

Button Badges


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

6th Year Up To Today ;D

Hands pat on the shoulder:

Kuddos Enny~!

Color pun dah merah mak ngah wording Keep Calm ni..ahahah~ simply! Baru KKM kan.
Yes, it's the day 1st October 2014 marked as my 6 years with Kompeni Kaler Merah ni. ;D..Pheww, years has flies like nobody business. Loyalty kan my forte. Hihi~

So what achievement I had done today? 

1. Surprising my lil sis with a bouquet of flowers this early morning - macam nak pengsan gayanya dia. HAHAHA~

2. Succeed 'pow' our senior for lunch treat perut still penuh with CHILI'S foods. Thanks abg. Murah rezeki. InsyaAllah.

3. Apology to my 'buku bertemu ruas' partner after 3 weeks perang dingin - uih tak perang pun..just some of my wrong doings and my apology accepted! Yeay! Okey Cik Ego bowed down. ;D

4. Got to know one of my bf finally getting serious in relationship! Woww...kinda a big new if it came from him ;P 

Well done, hope for a better year ahead KKM! My October surely going to be the special month for so many occasion.