Thursday, October 30, 2014

Behind the Queen of The Day

Heart blushed:

Been dolled up by one of the Insta Famous (declared by InTrend). Honoured to have her on my big day. Big thanks to her that I looked like a baby doll and Queen of the day!! -even so my videographers loves to say transformation of me look alike Shila Hamzah/even a friend from Greece said the same things when I did sent this pic to him. Pengsan! Hahahah~ It was Enny who get married not her okey. BeautifulNara sat lg kang..;P

Makeup By Mya Zulkifli

For Solemnization

For Reception

Mya even shared that the pic of solemnization makeup got the highest 'Likes' in her IG for the touch :').  Thanks guyss!!

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