Sunday, October 27, 2013


Brain hearing:'s so obvious kan I was not writing that much this month.
A part of the October not being so good, eh kejap bukan the month being not so good cuma.....too many things to cope, to be handle...till sometimes I wish I can replace my brain with another one.
Works, love, events..haihh~ ok2 tak baik mengeluh. Shhhhh negative vibes! Gi main jejauh...Dush!

Basically nothing much pun..must be it towards some dates yang reminded me of something.
Something yang bisa membuatkan air mata berguguran tanpa diminta..
It's been a while, but then life goes on right..

"You don't have to worry about me anymore, jatuh bangun nya me right now...someone will pull me over, hold me and heal me again and again. All your advises, your concern, your appreciation always gonna have his own soft spot in my heart. Which kindness I can deny? When at one time, you the one who hold me straight, who saw me when no one ever seen me before, the one who nurture my soul of what I am today. It's time for me to let you go for good dear. Trust me will you? I will be perfectly fine. Please 'memories'..just fade away, please for me? "

I do hope so my October next year will be the most beautiful October it will be.

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