Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pizzeria Fiesta!!

Business brain take the place :

Lai, lai...mari2..abang, kakak, adik, pakcik makcik...
Bagi yang biasa to see my homemade dishes in here or in the FB itself. Now we make it serious talk! And now we presenting you our newly homemade product for sale!!

It's already out there as we have our own agent dah. Hehe~ Pantas kan...
We have three different flavors of SEAFOOD, COLD CUTS AND ROASTED CHICKEN. Nyumss!
Ingredients handpicked by Abah who have the background in F&B industries. Made with love by Mak and packaging by Me - in the middle creating a special doodle for this too ;P
Owh come in two different sizes. Besar and sederhana. You can find us in FB too. Eh google je la for sure jumpa jugak kot. ahahah~

So anything for order : you can just email me directly, comment kat sini pun bole..;D

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