Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby In The Houz'

Heart fulled:

With love! When you have 3 babies around, what you gonna do?
Baby kecik, baby sederhana, baby besar....It's really required different way of attention. Nak pengsan jap boleh x?

Mohammad Aisy Rayyan Shah
Yang kecit ni dah tentu2 akan seek attention all the time, xbg attention pun I will pamper him...dah kata 'maklong'..;P
Yang 'sederharhana' tu..hermm...need some extra attention. Need to mold him to be a lil bit of me. Hu sgt challenge!
Yang 'besar' ...never fail to me smile with his lil baduts way...the one that I need to tender and care as he is my LIFE. ;D

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