Friday, November 27, 2015

Supergirl Turned 5th Moon

Heart blessed :

She grew up well and beautiful. Cheeky little one which at some moment I just feel to freeze the precious time. A journey being a mum parallel with her growth. It's like a blink of eyes. Dari sekecil tapak tangan puff magically turned up to be this big. :')

Indahnya kerja Tuhan tu. Something I never thought of (well at times ada je berangan jugak) to have a child from my own blood, be the mini me but yet here I am...a little human growing up with my own jurisdiction. How she gonna turn up soon it's all under me and hubby's responsibilities. Besar tu tanggungjawabnya untuk menjadikan si dia as lil caliph. Moga dipermudahkan.

Terus membesar dengan baik ye sayang. Ibu and ayah always here to protect, nurture and love you will all our heart.

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