Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Gift From Heaven #2months

Heart blessed:

Up until now, I'm still in a little bit of unbelievable mode that I am a MOM now and my little princess has turned 2 months old by this days. Time flies like a blink of eyes. Pheww! Lots of things to catch up.

Seeing her growing up healthy, beautifully made my heart blossom with priceless happiness. Looking at her as if I'm looking at a little angel from heaven, so pure. Inilah source ketenangan Puan Enny masa kini. ;D
To see her smiling, giggling, cooing and when she tried to say something, it just beyond imagination to see a 'mini' me 24/7 in front of me. Macam ni rupanya rasa of an Ibu who seeing her growing up with much love.

I know I have long path to keep on track; the journey to cherish, to nurture, to mole a little one to another great khalifah for a better world. Besar bunyi tanggungjawabnya. Yes it is! I accepted the challenge dengan hati terbuka as I do believe I will manage it at my very best macam mana para Ibu-Ibu yang hebat yang berjaya created a great person beforehand.

But of course, behind a great MOM, stands a great DAD who are the earliest gift from heaven. These two lah my harta dunia akhirat for now. I love you both to the moon and back to the earth darlings. XOXO..;)

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