Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Working Mumsy #supermak

Hati berkaca-kaca:

It has been like 2 weeks I had started again my routine as an employee to Kompeni Kaler Merah after 2 months of maternity leaves (extended another 1 week).
And it has been a week my little Audrey been taking care by a babysitter while I'm working 8.30-5.30. I'm officially a 'Working Mum'. What is like to be a working mum???
First feeling ever to leave her for works, berkaca2 rasanya mata and hati but then rethink to fulfil my another responsibility, I need to do this. Kebal, kebal!

To be true, the first week, it does feel exhausting. Yet I'm adapting it rapidly right now especially when Mr.Hubby still in 'PJJ' mode. At the same time learn how jungle things in between. Memang mode 'sotong' jadinya. Well then other mums can do this, why not me right? Positive, positive. Finding a right rhythm to make things well for everyone.

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It's a LIE if I said I'm fully motivated to do my old things while my minds keep wondering about my baby back at home. Sedih tau. Alhamdullilah actually I have nothing to worry about as the babysitter is taking care of her well enough plus minus she is a friend to my mum. There is no trust issue at all. But still kan...dah biasa taking care of the junior me 24/7 the past 2 months suddenly need to leave her to other people, sangat rasa mismatch. Sangat rasa kehilangan. You may say it sounds like exaggerating tapi itulah apa yang I rasa right now.

Even so I didn't let it take me down for long. This is where you can always ask for a little advise from experience people and read the experiences from a great mum.
Women who can juggle school drop offs, football training, dance lessons, board meeting, cooking for husband, taking care of household, and who can still finish that annual report on time. Working Mums really are quite special, aren't they? You know if you give a task to a Working Mum, it's going to get done, and it's going to get done right. This where we become a 'SUPERMAK'. Nothing can beats that. ;D

And I found this infographic while googling, top up an additional motivation for me to be a great Working Mum!

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