Monday, August 31, 2015

Mummy's Obsession

Brain cascading:

Kita park gambar dulu..nanti balik KL, I'll do the proper write up k..heee~ berhabuks sudah cik bloggy ni.. ngeee... sorry!! seems si kenit non stop demanding her rights. hahahahah~

Hey hey. I'm back after sekian lama. Lama ke?? Well then, it seems writing an entry will take a longer time than before. Ada tuntutan diraja dari si royal highness princess Audrey Hepburn ni, eh silap Audrey Marissa. This little fragile manusia kecil needs most of my attention than the other things. New things to be learn every single day. Macam non stop adjusting, adapting dari benda sekecil2nya hingga sebesar2 halnya. Mujurlah I still on maternity leave and dah extended another a week extra pun. So kalau mati kutu skali pun, I still have Bonda to help me out.:D

I do not if this symptom happens to all mummies out there : we tends to forget our own needs but it become bigger needs for little one. And even we see her/him face all the time, we still miss her/him a lot! Obsess with your own child perhaps...;P

A part of that, being an online buyer yang agak tegar, nowadays no more buying things for myself (exceptional for books please..heee~) BUT it has changed to buying things for junior me. Menjadikan dia seorang 'girl', lagi terlalu banyak benda yang cute, comel become a true needs for her. Alasan je kan...ngee~ Dari rompers to headbands to educational toys to tutu dress, playgym, named it, most of can be bought by a click on your fingertips. Easy peasy!! ;D Sampai satu tahap kena hold myself up, laptop letak more purchasing, sat gi bajet lari, nages sorang2. ahahaha~ Knowing me yang obsessive towards cutie mutsy thingy ni - therefore takmo tayang sangat those cute stuff to me pleassseeee... (as if it will work out @_@)

As above, these only a part of her things, it will be more to come. ;P Janji tak paw duit sesapa kannnn..hihih~

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