Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Brain mumbling:

Kadang2 mmg perlu cuti terkejut tergempak. But then come again, it’s not my call to fall sick right.
Yet somehow ada hikmahnya sakit ni,
satu : mencuci dosa2 kecil,
dua : saje nk tgk org cari ke tak? ;P

Heheh~ yes I get this a lot.  It’s not a bad thing though. Terasa dihargai jgk sebenarnya. Hiks~
Rasa nak tergelak pun iye my lil mamarazi paparazzi kt office mereportkan berita2 terkini. Macam gaya nak roboh gamaknya bangunan tu kalau I xde. Siap jatuh sakit pun ada…haish drama sgt ni.
Pernah satu ketika ni masa kt office lama, when I was not around….satu office blackout. Hahaha~ okey tuh sumpah kelakar.. Coincident je la…adui!

Pernah a boss buat statement bajet lawak hambar sikit, to put my picture everywhere to make sure all the peripheral menurut kata. Uih bayar royalty la, gambar mahal tu ;P So very the photogediks taw. Mahal2…
Padahal kadang2 tu just for the sake I am being there, walhal takde pape pun…baseline: security!
What kind of security la I can afford to offer? Other people do have the same skills as I am (even I have my own way doing things, everyone does right ?;))

But, being indispensable is something that you need to compliance with obligation, substantial and prerequisite with the some circumstances. (Ayat dictionary sgt…pi google tak pun bukak kamus…hee).. Besar tanggungjawabnya kata simplenya. As people need you now and then. Kalau nak terberanak pun, might be you need to hold it for a sec.. mampu?
Which there is pro and cons being such indispensable. It’s your choice. Sebab only you know where is your sky limit.

For me, I do have my ‘me’ time in doing this. I might be not around but calls still coming asking for assistance, question to be ask but yeah not everyone I’m gonna entertain. Picky a bit but yes some people need to learn to independent and yet my knowledge are spread away to be a reference. You just need to find. ;D

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