Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ask PJ & Poh Kong

Heart pumping :

Feel much2 better! Thanks to annual workout that I've been doing with my parentos.
Yup, now I'm into cycling. ;) Healthy lifestyle sgt. Hee~ Nowadays pun, my junk food is fruits... (gara2 fall sick hari tu, kinda serik of not taking care of myself that much - I need to slow downnnnn ).
And today was participated with one of the cycling event around KL - PJ Free Car Day! For fun ride of course. I'm using folding bike not race/mountain bike to race out. Hahaha~
Will be another one next Sunday for the annual KL City Fun Ride. :D
Nak join? Jom!

Memang rasa penat sikit, but well it will be the same as if you go for the gym right. I always my own way to do a workout by my own. Nak pergi gym memang tak sempat, so in house or weekend, you can always play around with your house chores to make you sweat!

Owh something to share, I did joined a contest...(out of blue moooonnnn!) Got to know this when we bought the 'ring' tapi procrastinated of submitting an entry. But it's like love mood is swaying in it place, I chose to make it today and picked up my GF to be the nominator - the prize included the nominator okey! It has been posted here in this link :

Heee~ wish me LUCK!  

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