Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Irritating Betul


Brain said Yes , heart said No :

Can’t you be more irritating than this? What for you want to tell people what I’m doing, what I wrote? Enough said as you have nothing to against me. People here more likely know who I am more than know who your are! I have no idea what is the motif of you doing that but just stop it before you the one who get the humiliation again..and I will not hesitate to do it once you cross the border…

Do I make myself clear?

And btw, you never know what the real stories and how close we can be.. as we do share lots of things without people knowing about it. Too bad we comfortable to be this and ring the bell to the whole lot of whole building telling people who we are, are so not cut the craps and get a life!

Or should I say thanks? As you are really concern about me. ;D..

Thanks but NO THANKS!!!!

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