Sunday, January 9, 2011

You are just Master of NONE!


Brain forgive but heart forget not and shout out :

We did what we do not learn
You always come to the parties
Too bad the feathers are for the birds
All your needs
I will not let you grieve

I want your picture but not your words
You know the wanting, but there's no verse
On your own
But you can not' call it your all

We always run our heads too much
We know the reason, but such and such
On your own,
You will not let your arm go

We all look bigger together
you know if this is the devil's plan
On your own,
You can not call me your heart

Jack of all trades
Master of none
Cry all the time
Cause I'm not having fun

Thou always want to be forgiven
The devil loves what and you print
All your needs
But you can not; you will not agree


P/S : No more of YOU ruining my day, my girls day.. You so gonna loose in this game which you the one who creating it..and for sure I’ll make it GAME OVER with me as the WINNER and you are the LOOSER..;p

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