Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is ABSURD!


Brain analyzed and the heart said :

This is crazy..this is stupid..this is sooooooo ABSURD! I can say all those bad words more than this now but I wouldn’t say it as that is not me. I still got my sense and I’m not that lame.

Funny but the ugly truth what I wished last night came true less than 24 hours. It’s bit shocked but YANG MAHA ESA sangat mengasihi insan yg sgt hina ini. But I’m grateful and honored to be care something like this even it do hurts in such way. Just I can’t hold my words as I’m just another human beings that got a feeling and a little heart that need to be alive for me to live.

This is what i hate, in one day you saying one FORCED me to explain things ..yet in another day, you giving me a different act. BRAVO…you're such a ‘something’ dude.

But please, sometimes, I don’t have to find the facts on you but the facts come to me. How good in I’m handling it , you will never know how good i can be.

Let me re-quote  some “generous” question that I got yesterday…

A guy: Yang

A guy: Ade org ckp u suka i

A guy: Btul ke

Me : ahahahha

Me : org mn tuh eh?

Me : u lebih mengetahui pe yg i rs kt u kot

Me : duh~~

Me : dear..we know each other more than 3 years dah

A guy: I x sure ape u rase sebnanye

A guy: Erm ade la

A guy: We both knal org tu

Me : what??

Me : owh ooo

A guy: I tkejut sebnanye

Me : kelakar jugak nih out of nowhere ada org nk tlg ckp kan kt u lak kan

A guy: U btul ke suka kat i...

Me : ahahhaha

Me : adui...kejap2

Me : tanpa i suka org...camne i leh jd kwn ngn org tuh

Me : ?

Me : ha sila jwb..

Me : ada ke u benci org..menyampah..u nk kwn ngn dia?

Me : takkn

A guy: No i mean suka more than friends la

Me : so definisi suka sgt la abroad

A guy: U nih

Me : dang!!

Me : i have my limits dear

Me : i suka org..i''ll say it out

Me : the truth come from me..

Me : bukan dr org lain

A guy : Aha so u x suka i la

 this is just some of it

Kindly enough for ‘her’ to tell..and good enough for ‘him’ to ask.. people who knows me learned enough that I hate repeating questions.

Now you are doing this to me? You know what this conversation was so plastic to me.

Hell no I'm gonna buy any words from you with whole lots of your super genius stories after what we saw with our own eyes. Not only me but another pair of eyes also became the witness of your superb act.

When I’m a deep shit something like this, how beautiful life can be when here these “two angels” come to save my heart from broken into pieces. ( I’m not suppose to be broken pun as i getting through this again and again..)This can be UNBELIEVEABLE but its not IMPOSSIBLE.

But after of all this, only words i can say in positive way, Tuhan tuh Maha Menyayangi lagi Mengasihi. HE showed to me in this soon than later for me to prepare for the better one. Another test that I’ll get through and pass it. Sounds clich√©’ but what comes around goes around. You never know when it will come back to you. ‘Be strong my colorful peacock’.. made me smile..yes the statements comes from a lovely friend. 

One of my beautiful GF said this to me “You can choose your own beautiful sandal to walk around the world but you can’t expect there will be a red carpet hold for you through out all the way..yet you are wearing your beautiful sandal to walk through comfortably no matter you are right”.

We’ll see what happens next..


I can’t be more THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL to ALMIGHTY for loving me this strong.

Guide me, I don’t want to be lost again……….

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