Thursday, January 20, 2011

It’s Alya’s 2nd Birthday


Brain malas pikir :

I got this invitation last week :

TR030008473This the updates from the event : –by pictures kay peeps…issue writer’s block is going on..huuu ;P

alya (7)Siap ada kat setiap meja pic2 nih…cute!

  alya (3) Tido plk birthday girl ha..hayooo

alya (1) Efforts dr seorg mummy for her lil daughter .colourful!! Nyummy..

alya (9) One of the handsome guy ever for the day! Owh shahir..ahahah~

alya (10) Coincidence…same color dress with the birthday girl..;P

alya (19) The familia

alya (18) Another adoration of jejaka paling comel..Amar .;D

Sekian .;D

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