Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arts For All!


Brains feel so fresh and heart thumping within the beats :

Should i said more? Ahaha~ KLPAC punye penangan.. My 3 days of non stop events..Ikutkan dah tak larat sgt..but thanks atas pujukan manja GF terbaek ku…terjebak jua ke Open Day ni…as we also need to buy our kain @Jakel utk di hantar tempah with our bestest tailor…for Rizal’s side next weekend (semangat kan…ahahahaha)…

klpac Lets the picture told you the stories : (cik enny malas nk komen byk2..;P)

klpac (4)

Us for the day

klpac (5)

GG fall in love with the pokok!ehehe~ klpac (6)

klpac (7)

 Our feets!! and CAK!!;p

klpac (8)

Project Disko Baldi doing their performance.. 

klpac (9)klpac (11)klpac (13)

We joined the crowd..with Drumelix,Afro Sahara & Drum!!  

klpac (14)

klpac (16)

This is the superb place!

All the pictures are credited to GG @ Adli..

This are so much fun!! Our layback day ..listening to the live performance..meeting creative’s like being in another part of the whole…jum tukar tune!!;P

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