Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crazy Little Things … ( Part 1)


Brains do his works :

We are living art, created to hang on,

Stand up, forbear, continue and

Encourage others.

-Maya Angelou-


Dedicatedly to my Miss Awin who need the courage more than anyone else right now. We are here dear…we always gonna be here for you; you lil ‘peacock’ and Miss Jojie will be the super loyal girls to stand beside you to get through this.

After the dinner last night, we realized you are just exhausted of everything, feel sick, serabut and so named it. ( Rasa cam nk culik you go somewhere and let you rest peacefully okey..but knowing you so hard headed..haihh ) InsyaAllah all our prayers goes to you…InsyaAllah everything will be running smoothly. Ameen~

Just because of you, I went to a tailor last minute just to make a baju kurung moden for your BIG DAY. Auntie tuh confirmed cam nk carut ngn I as bagi dia a week je to do it…ahahah~ Can’t help it…Plus I’ve already bought something for the wedding gifts for my dear Miss Gojes but gonna buy another one today with Miss Jojie…wuhuuu..sure2 she will scream ke nages when got it? Can’t wait to see the our Drama Queen reaction…;P


Psttt..I’ll update later…heheheh~

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