Monday, January 3, 2011



Brain playing her beats :

Lets rock and roll babes!!! 1st day of working on NEW YEAR 2011!!

Tada!! Takmo malas2..kita kan ada resolution baru…okey2 bunyi sedikit poyoness di situ.. ( Jap2 pikirin tahun lepas nyer dah tercapai ke belum?…mostly dah kot…mission SUCCEED!! ) NEXT PLEASE …. Listing and plan have been done ages ago, just waiting for the momentum to start the engine…Ngeee  ..;P

To be honest with you, yes something happened last night. Another row, another failure of communication, another thousands of reasons to be created out of universe. I can make a book of reasons! it this thing have to be happen now ? but yeah i did gone through rougher than this..Well another lesson to be learn yet to think back kinda funny though. Tuh la MAGNET kuat sgt and care about a stranger too much..end up makan diri sendiri. Cik Enny, cik enny! Well get to know me, I kan jenis tak reti serik.. I tends to forgive but not to forget..Dendam?? Owh nevermind, we all have our religions to be hold to right. I have nothing to against him…Ku redha kan jua..(ayat menyedapkan hati…heheh )

Thanks to my dear “Miss .Pelangi” last night who bertugas membasuh I plus bagi I gelak terguling2 pagi2 buta..even I made a status in FB dedicated to you. ;P..then ada my lil sis buat sambungan to that people loves me more than you loves me Mr.

Too bad…There is  no regrets and hard/heart feeling yeah!

Enny Nursuliza :grateful+ sakit otak la ada 'pelangi' cam awak la,pg2 buta u made me laughed heart few hours kita kn bbakti pd KKM ni..sila tdo! N happy Monday!! ;p
Azhani Ali :..walaupon pelangi muncul hanya seketika selepas hujan, namun dalam seketika itulah pelangi menyebarkan kecantikkannya yang mampu meninggalkan kenangan indah. Seperti juga tahun 2010, dalam tidak sedar 2010 telah meninggalkan kita, namun dalam detik itu..2010 telah meninggalkan kenangan indah utk kita. ♥

Having a bad morning after all this? Syukur Alhamdulillah, I had a good sleep even with some weird dream..just ignore it, nothing big pun..;D

And as a BONUS for my Monday’s morning… “healing pelangi” appeared to make my day even better..not one but two..never failed to be so loyal to me…never have to be asking for..they just pop out from no where..and make me SMILE all the way! How life can be so interesting when you feel like…hermm what the correct word to express it…i think you got what i mean right…hee..(stok malas nk pikir..;P)


P/S : All your ‘drugs’ never win to hurt me or poisons my heart I have my own personal ecstasy which stronger than you.. ;D

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