Thursday, January 17, 2013

1st Moment

Heart feel so touched :

When my dear GF finally confirmed she is preggy for 6 weeks,
When my significant other being such a sweetheart every single day,
When my another GF saying something I don't even realize before hand......

"You perasan tak most of my 1st moment, you always there, here with me?"...As usual tiba2 Cik Enny muka blur2 spider. Eh?
"My weddings, masa I delivered my baby, masa we buat our baby's room and now with my new car"....
Seriously I don't even realize that dear as what I know if I can be with you, when you need me, here I am. Being a companion to your 'first moment' is an honor to me. Wonder why I tak perasan pun all this. And I am happy having you as my friend. And babe, even we in the same office, diff floor...but I really do miss you. Miss our old time together. Bila jumpa you tadi we just pusing2 satu Subang with your new 'baby' make me ..omg I really miss this girl. It just being US.
Tetiba touching plak kan...heee~

For me who hardly having such good girlfriends but after meeting few of those make me feel the beauty of sisterhood. It's not about gossiping, talking about other people...but sharing our happiness, the sadness, the way who we are and all those moment that unreplaceable by time.

I'm so thankful of having these love with HIS permission to make me a better person. InsyaAllah.

Semua orang boleh menjadi kawan, tapi tak semua mampu jadi sahabat dan hanya satu akan menjadi teman.

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