Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Lovable

Heart smiling :

Nothing more loveable when saw something in someone blog. ;P

Hehe~ Bukan ke this ...owh a day after you were saying something yang sampai hari ni I still smiling happily.
And to those who knows how the story begin...stay tune for more..ahahaha~ ada more ke?
Ini lah cerita Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jems....

According to si pembuat video ni, its going to be continue ...When? Full version will be release next year. Tggu la dengan segala berchentanya sampai taun depan kan as now baru January peeps!. Hehe~ Okey of course time tu you guys akan lupa pun the existing of this video..;P
Melainkan ada hobi menggoogle our name kan..huuu~
Saje tested, tried to google with this tittle..saje nk tgk easy access ke...hehe..of course by google search susah sikit nak jumpa..but via youtube kena tgk betul2 jgk..Pheww...

Assembled for the day : Schanaz Silk Satin Scarf by ShopSputnikSweetheart, Novelty Peplum Kurung by OldBlossomBox, Charles and Keith, Burberry and KK Kollection ;D
Heee~ tuh la bf kecik I for last weekend. What was I doing on last weekend with this lil boyfie..See in the next entry. Nak kena kidnap pic from Kak Al first ;P

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