Monday, January 7, 2013

Recap As We Called It!

Brain confronting :

Sengaja kan dah seminggu of new year baru nak buat recap! Ala saje je...Rasa nak tulis baru tulis la kan ;P
Atas sebab sebenarnya tetiba jadi not so well last weekend, maybe penangan of the exhaustion yang after few days baru terasa sekarang. Sangat difahami oleh semua orang. Heee~
Pheww hopefully no more after this.
Have to get healthier life and have more fun (with commitments of course). InsyaAllah....
So to my dearest whoever yang ala2 bulan bintang tu nak sgt dgn dietnya or shud I phrase it here? "Nak kurusss!"..Sigh..So let's!! No ngelat2 ha..ahahah~

Btw Andrew, why you is inside my 2012 review by FB ni?? Owh must be one of the history also created on that particular day when this pic snapped by Abg Ijat unconsciously.. ;P

Let's do the recap (re-winded my neurons back to January 2012...mencabar ni!)

Material : Officially move to my new house in Bandar Saujana Putra. Yes my Topaz 3 (literally the name is the same with my birthgemstone of Nov ;D)
Personal : I'd changed in total being more independent and tone down my characteristicsm due to some changing phase.
Loosing a really good friends of mine due to unknown reason till today. We are completely a stranger now .(Well then if he is fine and I know he is, its good enough for me). Dwell with the lost really a strange fight.

Material : Been accepted to Manchester Uni but I declined it. Reason? I have to be here I guess (for the time being).
Personal : Get involved with a real bloggers world which so deniable.. here where all my dramas for the year started. Be friends with psycho people, got mixed up with stories yg berpusing2 tapi ending dia tetap yg sama. Seeking for the truth and ditched it.
Time that I realized that I have lots of protective friends which I called it as a circle of "Devilish Clan"
Lesson to be learn : don't ever let yourself associated with mentally sick people...sebab if you tak kuat, you will be insane by yourself. So don't try it!

Material/ Personal : Randomly ada orang ajak kawen. Ok don't ask who? As I pun xingat dah the guy name. Masa Feb tu ada jugak one particular guy saying the same things. Make it dah 3 orang ajak I kawen. Hahaha~

Material/ Personal : In history!! I went for a football match first time ever! SDFC vs Kelantan. A history for my dear company itself. Sebab tu la semangat sangat nak pegi sokong. Of course I was not alone. Guarded by my dearest bros.. and having our jersey siap with our own name on it. ;P
Again, another guy asking for my hand (kawen la...)..Mampu senyum je. Jangan buat gila kat sini. hahah~

Material/ Personal : Again and be counting, its already 6 diff guys asking the same question. Huuu pshycoooooo! Migraine I mcm ni okeh. Want to know the reason why its all end not so well? 1. I didn't know these people 2. Randomly saying something you don't even know what you saying 3.Risk!!
Memang taklah I know these will not be real as what they say. Thats's why I still can laugh. Ramainya badut dalam kehidupanku. ;P

Material /Personal : My big sis came up in my life to guide me to be a better person. Also with the golongan 'kami'. Surely dia pun geleng kepala to hear all my stories kan. Heee sorry kak, I didn't mean to, to be so nakal like this. Yet I believed Tuhan tu masih sygkan kita and I started to get to know new crowd yang tak tersangka2 baiknya manusia.
This is when I have to be a lil bit cruel to some people, decided to move out all the unnecessary people for the sake of rebuilding my innerself. To long that I prolonged to please people who are beyond help. Yes I'm not an angel myself.

Material/ Personal : My extreme part back to me. Trying the extreme sports with my sista partner in crime yang terbaik. Go eat everywhere. Pastu ada org salahkan I, dengan you ni rasa nak makan je tau. Gemuk! Hahaha~...lah suh makan je..and the foods were goods..;P
The best birthday month ever. So changing to 28 pun I don't mind as I still got people said I macam budak skolah..Oppsssy! ;P

Material/ Personal : Materialized my lil bro's wedding. Pheww boleh tukar profession dah jd wedding planner lagu ni. Hehehe~
Get to know more interesting people which ada yang I falling in love with. Eh? Jap2 what am I saying ni...My real meaning, I have so many cool people surrounded me. Of course I sayang you guys.*wat muka blur sat.;P

Basically that were it. Ada I miss ke? Well adalah certain details that I can't completely jot down here. Hee~

So?? What am I going to achieve this year? Well I guess and there will be a big thing going to happen in this 2013.
Marriage? Perhaps. Switching job scope? We'll see. Doing something surreal? Hahah~ You will never know?
Well then you guys just have to wait for it to see me twitching it to be 360 degree in total to make something real. 

"Kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari. Dia datangkan hujan dan petir. Kita tertanya2 mana hilangnya matahari, rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita sang pelangi "

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