Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proudly a DONOR!! ^_^

Heart spirited :

Organ DONOR?? No-no...hehehe~ Owh Panda you super duper cute!! Wanna see who my new chenta hati? ......Tada!!!

Heheh...jangan lah tensen!! Hey2....WWF tu not stands for that wrestling things.. this is for World Wide Fund for Nature. Asal sebut WWF je confirmed ingat World Wrestling Federation kan...no no... katakan tidak pada keganasan...huhuh~ I'm a lover not a fighter..;P

Btw, yes I am now officially one of the donor for this fund. Thanks to few girls of WWF themselves who approaching me with this. With a simple explanation, it's had hooked me up to take a stand to contribute to a cause most worthwhile. Since ages, I always happened to fall in love with this WWF things, it just the matter of time that hold me back of doing something out of it. Hehe~ Actually we can say it only an excuse. Okey now no more, might be I can't contribute my tulang empat kerat to help in conserving our nature for the moment, being a donor is one of my way of helping this right. Nothing wrong for us to contribute again to our Mother nature after what we've taken from her.

I must say go for it people! No harm of doing this. You can shops till you drop, buying all those exotic apparel, foods, accessories that unnecessary, what is to compare with little contribution with a hope of a better earth for us. Jangan kedekut sangat. The more you give, the more you will get , maybe not here but in hereafter, Allah tu Maha Kaya lagi Pemurah. =)

Owh and these soon to be my adoption babies...hee~

For more info how to adopt them : www.wwf.org.my

We shan't save all we should like to,
but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried!
     - Sir Peter Scott (1909-1989.WWF Founder

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