Monday, September 24, 2012

The Dip

Heart minds reading this :

Once in a while, things don’t look so good anymore. 
You grit your teeth, anticipate the storm,
But what you get is a slow, agonising chill, and it lasts a lifetime
Removing your warmth gradually. 
You are stuck in this polar abyss,
Not moving up or down the mountain, 
You remain idle.

Sometimes you don’t even notice, but then you have
Those days where you have to plant a smile on your face
Where you force yourself to carry on walking
Or to get up in the morning. 
When the dip passes you feel silly for ever having been there
But you were there
Or you are there. 

And everything is a blur. The people. The goals. You.
The dip is a state of mind where faith is low
Where your in limbo
What we fail to realise is that
Allah pulls us back up again
Tugs you back in line
Prayer by prayer
Sign by sign
Step outside
Feel the wind
Breathe in and
Let it crash through the dusty halls of your heart
Let it beat again with a purpose
Let things move with you in the midst
You are a slave and your Lord will never forsake you
In return you keep up the motion of obedience
For only in obedience is there peace. 

And remember, there is a wisdom behind everything Allah has decreed. 
It’s a funny little thing this dip. 
But you always come back stronger.
Chin up, back straight, breathe in
And you’re awake again.

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alena amir said...

I love this, and we both know that great mind thinks alike :) *virtual hugs back*!